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The Addition Snake Game

By Smilinglikesunshine @smilinglikesuns
It is half term holiday here and we have been enjoying the time at home and doing various activities, going to the theaters and meeting up with friends.
Derin has been showing a great interest in drawing and right now I can hear him telling stories while drawing. So sweet!
We have been doing some addition and subtraction work using glass pebbles at home. It is very important to use concrete materials at this age. You can use anything really, conkers, beans,stones, sticks etc. For instance I put some pebbles on the table, he counts them, then I say "What if I put three more?" / "How many do we have if I take away five?"
Montessori has a brilliant material called The Snake Game. We have also been playing it.
The Snake Game allows the child to learn the number bonds of 10 unconsciously. Each time I watch Derin play with it, I am amazed how brilliant these materials are.
Some days Derin gets interrupted when I take a photo of him working, some days he doesn't mind. So excuse this photo please.
For the addition snake game, the child builds two short bead stairs. Then taking one bead bar from each stair s/he builds a colourful snake. When finished, the child counts the two bead bars (which form the number bonds of ten ) and then exchanges them with a golden ten bead bar. In the end of this work, the child has a golden snake!
The Addition Snake Game
Derin has also been showing in the addition board table. He wants to record his own work. He had never shown much interest to painting or mark making. Therefore I like how he now shows an interest in writing.
The Addition Snake Game
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