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The Abundant Mama Project

By Smilinglikesunshine @smilinglikesuns
Today I would like to share an amazing project  that I have been a part of since January: The Abundant Mama Project
The Abundant Mama Project
The Abundant Mama is an e-course and a village, created by the lovely Shawn who is the writer of the inspiring blog Awesomely Awake.
As much as I love my children, let's face it:Mothering is no easy job. Especially when you are tired, when you are sleepless, when you are working or studying, when you don't have a family nearby to support you..That is why I signed up this e-course.
The Abundant Mama project has helped me remembering how to connect with my children when I feel exhausted. It has helped me realize the simple pleasures in everyday life,even when we are rushing to school or at that witch hour in the afternoon when everyone is exhausted and grumpy.
Shawn has been sending us writing prompts for each week and she has created an online group where we have been chatting with other Abundant Mamas.
I am so glad that I have made it a habit to be thankful to my children each and every day.
I am so glad that I am learning to create a win-win situation even when they are pushing my limits.
I am so glad that we have been creating family tituals to show gratitude to each other.
Shawn is opening a new course on the 11th of February. The Abundant Mama Project is designed for ordinary Mamas and it helps you to find magic in everyday life.It helps you to deepen your parenting experience and learn to love and appreciate your family more. Click here to sign up for this awesome project.
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