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The '90s: It Wasn't So Long Ago

By Theomnipotentq @TheMightyQuinn
The '90s: It Wasn't So Long AgoThis Tuesday night, the Special Category for Trivia Night at Professor Thom's will be "1990s Trivia." It will be seven questions about that roaring decade, and most of the Q&A will be of the pop culture variety.
The Q Train lightning round will be "1-10 Trivia." Every answer will be a number from 1-10, and every answer will be a different number.
The Sneak Peek question is:
"What musician was the founder and president of Farm Aid?"
We get going at the usual time of 9 PM. Again, we've been continuing to get some great crowds on Trivia Night, and I encourage you to get in as soon as possible so you can secure a table. See you on Tuesday night.

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