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The 8 Best Professions to Date

By Ncrimaldi @MsCareerGirl

The 8 best professions to date

Career choice can be a good indicator of personality and relative prosperity, and is prized information for those assessing potential partners. So which professions provide the best dating material? Here’s what we think.

1. Athlete

It was the Ancient Greeks who first brought athletic hotness to public attention. Admiring artists would watch Olympians do their thing and pay homage in the form of homoerotic statues. Thousands of years later, the public gets their fill of perfectly sculpted athletic bodies simply by turning on the TV. Those lucky enough to meet an athlete in real life should immediately get their number – athletes not only look good, they make great partners too. After all, training hard and eating well is something we should all aspire to.

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2. Chef

Dinner can be expensive – especially at the better sort of restaurants. The solution is to date a chef and feast on gourmet food all day long. Other pluses include a personality that is creative, hard-working and concerned with the small details in life.

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3. Journalist

Journalists have great listening skills. They’re also quick to provide interesting anecdotes. Both of these make the typical ink slinger an enjoyable person to spend time with.

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4. Politician

While power in itself doesn’t make for a good date, having a contacts book the size of a phone from the 80s does. Politicians practically wine and dine for a living, and have an expenses account that they’re not afraid to use.

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5. Police officer

The policeman or woman’s willingness to work for the greater good demonstrates an admirable level of altruism. They are also guaranteed a steady income and good pension. If that sounds a little unexciting, then there are always the handcuffs…

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6. Teacher

Teachers are great – they’re blessed with seemingly endless patience and have a lot of holidays to boot. For those hoping to have kids anytime soon, a teacher is the perfect partner. Not only are they nurturing for a living, they’re home at all the right times.

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7. Psychologist

As well as receiving a good salary, psychologists know all there is to know about making a relationship work. They may insist on odd seating arrangements, but just go with it.

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8. College professor 

It’s something of a given that those who follow their interests are happier than those who do not. College professors have become experts in their chosen subject and are merrily making good money out of it. Being surrounded by youngsters keeps them relatively hip, and there’s always the possibility of a sabbatical that’ll involve you being whisked away to somewhere exotic. 

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