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The 365 Day Challenge: My Day, in Great Detail

By Mommynimfa @wazzuridea
I was browsing at Wattpad a while ago when I saw this "365 Day Challenge". Obviously, it's a list of daily entry for the whole year-round. Sadly, I won't be able to start from Day 1 since it's already Feb. 22. It means we're going to plunge into Day 53 by this time. It's day 53: your day in great detail. To start with, here's what I did in the morning: I brushed my teeth, sipped my favorite coffee, and ate hot pandesal. It's already 8am when I woke up but I still feel sleepy. The weather is quite gloomy and it's cold. What's with rainy days...I feel so lazy.
The 365 Day Challenge: My Day, in Great Detail
After brekkie, I watched Kris TV, Atashin' Chi, and Chef Boy Logro. Then I feed Jairus, changed his clothes and nappy, and took a bathe. Since I'm breastfeeding, I eat every often so I ate two sets of lunch. The first is rice, hotdogs, and munggo then the next one is rice and tocino. Eventually, I faced the laptop and started talking with my client at oDesk. Then I blog, which is what I'm doing right now. It's 6:33 as of now so my day isn't over yet. In fact my day usually starts at night because Jairus is awake during holy hours. I just rely on caffeine to stay awake during the wee hours. After surfing the web, I usually watch the news and of course, the teleseryes afterwards. Later on, I'll eat again. I'm on a see-food diet. When I see food I eat it. But thank heavens, breastfeeding helps me burn the extra calories.

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