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Jairus: My Flesh and Blood

By Mommynimfa @wazzuridea
Jairus: My flesh and bloodThere are so many things that can make us happy in this world. But more than all of them, there are only a few that can make us truly happy. For me, there's this one guy who's the reason of my happiness right now. He's my little guy actually. You probably know him 'cause I often talk about him here in my blog. And he's the reason why I fondly call myself Super Mom. Well, it's normal for mothers to love their children this much. But let us be clear, not all moms truly love their sons or daughters. We know how painful or how tragic some stories are. Some abandon their children. Some even kill their own flesh and never gave those babies the chance to live and see this beautiful world. Jairus: My flesh and bloodBut my son is lucky, I am one of those moms who love their child more than they love themselves. I want to thank God for this blessing. No matter how naughty or how grumpy my kid becomes, I will make sure he will feel that he is loved. Jai, Papa loves you as well. Even if he's not with us all the time, I know one day we will stay together in the same roof and we'll make our household full of joy and laughter.

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