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The $3 Salon Deep Conditioning Treatment.

By Momfashionlifestyle @Fashnlifestyle

How to get Salon Shiny Hair {minus the salon}.

The $3 Salon Deep Conditioning Treatment.

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In case you didn’t know, among many things…. I have my California Cosmo license… and one thing that hair salons charge a butt load of money for is, in salon deep conditioning treatments. Why? Because conditioning treatments work wonders.. and clients are willing to pay for that brilliantly shiny look… who wants dry, brittle hair?!

What I am about to tell you, is that you can get the exact same thing at home for as little as $3. Yup. You heard me right.  Come on now! Help put some Pizazz back in you hair!

The $3 Salon Deep Conditioning Treatment.

First you need a clarifying shampoo. Why? Well I am glad you asked. It strips all of the gunk out of your hair (ie. product, pollution, sweat, etc…) and that makes it so the conditioner can penetrate through the cuticle of your hair strand instead of coating each strand, causing it to appear dull. Which is exactly why you should never wash and condition your hair every day. It is not a myth. Hair dressers tell you this for a reason.  We do not enjoy repeating ourselves!

I like Paul Mitchell’s clarifying shampoo seen here. Remember this is not a daily shampoo, I recommend using it once a week at most. Also Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo works just as well for a clarifying shampoo. It’s meant for babies but strips the heck out of your hair, not sure why that is.

The $3 Salon Deep Conditioning Treatment.

Second you need some sort of deep conditioner and a shower cap… The conditioner doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive (if you go online to Sally Beauty Supply’s website they sell individual packets for $1.39  seen here).

For conditioner I personally recommend Biolage Hydratherapy conditioning balm. (The container of it seen here, will seriously last you for a year)


The $3 Salon Deep Conditioning Treatment.

Third, you need a hand towel…. come on, everyone has a towel in their house, unless you are a weirdo, which if your reading this, you better not be ;-) ha.

Ok. The nitty gritty.

Shampoo the heck out your head.

The $3 Salon Deep Conditioning Treatment.

Rinse, Rinse, Rinse.

Towel dry.

Pile on the conditioner, the more the merrier.

Turn your faucet to hot, and put the towel in the sink so it is fully saturated, then wring out and be careful not to burn yourself!

Make a turban on your head with the hot towel.

The $3 Salon Deep Conditioning Treatment.

Top off with the shower cap, and leave on until the towel cools, approximately 20 minutes. The process of putting on a hot towel and letting it cool, is the same thing as being put under a dryer at the salon.

Rinse with warm to cool water to seal in the moisture.

Poof. Salon Shiny Hair, for what?  3 dollas.

Hair questions anyone? Hit the ask me anything button. No excuse for dull dry hair now!

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