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That Wonderful Monday Morning Feeling

By Sue15cat
That Wonderful Monday Morning Feeling
If you look on Google Images you will find lots of these .....
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... cute little pictures extolling the hatred of  Monday morning.
It's funny but even when I worked in a real job, that is going out of the door wearing 'work clothes'  to another establishment, as opposed to what I do now ... dragging on scruffy jeans, bobbly jumpers and not seeing another human face for hours, just furry and feathery beings demanding feeding, cleaning out, exercising etc.... I still loved Monday mornings.
Each one gives you a fresh start, a whole week ahead of hope, new horizons and opportunity.  Do with it as you will it's there for the taking.  Google Images where these pictures all come from is full of negative Monday morning images, with just a handful of positive ones.
Image result for monday morning
I must say I like the positive ones best.  I've always found that it's your attitude to things that dictates how they will affect you.
Image result for monday morning
Couldn't have said it better myself.
*** *** ***
Ten Good Things About a Monday Morning.
1. You woke up .... some people simply don't!!
2.  A fresh new week lies ahead of you.
3.  It's a chance to start something new.
4.  Or a chance to finish something you didn't manage to get finished before the weekend.
5.  Time to start a new diet, the old week and the bad ways can be behind you.
6.  Last week's mistakes can be put right.
7.  It could be time to start a new Challenge.
8.  Or start a new book.
9.  Tell yourself that ' this week you will ....... ' insert whatever you would most like to do.
10.  It comes round every week ... how wonderful is that!!
*** *** ***
Sometimes all it takes is a positive outlook to make the world a better place.  
So if you woke up this morning and your glass was half empty .... go put something fizzy in it and fill it to the top, let those bubbles re-invigorate you and get you fizzing with life .....
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... and if it was an alcoholic something fizzy ... go lie down ... Tuesday will be here a lot sooner than you think!!
Sue xx

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