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That's My Jam #68 - Carbs - Life Drawing

Posted on the 21 July 2015 by Scottishfiction @scotfiction984
That's My Jam #68 - Carbs - Life Drawing
hat began twelve months ago, perhaps just as an opportunity for two brothers to work together, is on the cusp of becoming the most interesting music coming out of Scotland right now.  Brothers Jonnie (of Jonnie Common and Inspector Tapehead fame) and James (Conquering Animal Sound and The Japanese War Effort) make up Carbs, and have been delighting the ears of those lucky enough to see them perform and hear their limited output so far.
Now with album Joyous Material Failure  lined up for release via Save As on 11th September, the duo release their new single Life Drawing.  There's a familiarity to the track, mainly due to the Jonnie Common comparisons which are of course inevitable, but it's pulled into a stronger hip-hop direction.  Think of a Scottish Why? and you aren't too far from the mark.  Dry, observational humor atop intelligent electronica.  More please.

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