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That's More Like It!

By Mwillis
As predicted a couple of days ago, my Runner Beans ("Scarlet Emperor") have responded to the wetter conditions and begun to produce pods in greater quantity.
That's more like it!
In that trug there's just over a kilogram of beans (1019g to be precise!). In other words, about enough to serve the two of us four times.
That's more like it!
They are not huge beans, and that's because I don't allow them to get too big. Runner Beans that have grown over-large are very unpleasant. They develop a fibrous inner membrane between the pod and the actual beans, which is extremely tough and chewy, with a texture much like plastic! Harvesting the beans small means a lower yield in terms of weight, but they will be far superior in terms of quality. Regular readers will remember that this year I am focussing very much on quality before quantity!
The Runner beans will soon be augmented by a few French Beans, from the plants I put into pots used earlier this year for potatoes.

That's more like it!

Dwarf French Bean "Processor"

The French Bean plants don't look too impressive, being quite small and with pale leaves, but I think this is because the soil in those pots is a bit tired after hosting the spuds. Before planting the beans I added some pelleted chicken manure, and just recently I have given the plants a feed of liquid "Growmore" general-purpose plant food, so they ought to be doing all right.
That's more like it!

Still, the fact that these plants are right outside my window means that I can keep a close eye on them and pick them at the perfect stage. There will be enough for one or two uses from each pot, and I have 3 pots sown with beans a week apart.

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