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That Meyer Boulevard Turnabout

Posted on the 27 February 2021 by Morage @kebmebms
I went by the Meyer Boulevard turnabout yesterday on Ward Parkway and couldn't believe what I saw, what happened yet again. Check for yourself. That Meyer Boulevard Turnabout I mean really. This brings up so many thougts. Thoughts like I wonder how many times this wall, these walls have been smashed like this over the years? Last I remember, it was the one on the left that was taken down by some no doubt drunk dirver. Another thought----how absolutely smashed do you have to be to come flying down Meyer Boulevard to then round this curve and, yes, SMASH INTO and destroy this wall, one of these walls? And look how fully that wall is taken down. Don't you know that car was totalled? Unreal.Another thought and question---I wonder if it's these people's homeowner's insurance that pays for the rebuild or if it's a city wall and we keep paying for these things? Just wondering.

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