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That All Important First Orange Box

By India Struthers @India_Alexandra

Hermes‘That all important first Orange Box” indeed, or maybe I should say bag but I thought that would excite everyone a little too much. Nope, this post is all about my first little orange box which is synonymous with the Hermes brand.  A brand that has been established since 1837 and since the 1950s has been entwined with Grace Kelly and later in the 1980s with Jane Birkin. It’s a brand, like Chanel, Cartier and Dior which is (for me) epitomised by glamour, craftsmanship, timeless beauty and the essence of magic. To own something, even a little something from a brand which is steeped in such history and social culture feels magical and very special, even if it is only a little something. Here’s my little something. Not a Birkin or a Kelly bag, but my own and first little piece of orange glamour which far outshines the orange of Easy Jet! Halfway through my time in Londonium les parentals came down for the weekend, (although I only saw them on one of the days) and I was very excited to see my daddy primarily because he had a little orange box to give me from his travels; i.e. belated Birthday present. ...

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