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That Advertisement in the Times is a 10

Posted on the 29 May 2014 by Themarioblog @garciainteract
That advertisement in the Times is a 10That advertisement in the Times is a 10

There it was: a number 10 across two of those broadsheet pages of The New York Times, except that the 1 was on one page and the 0 was in the page adjacent to it.

In between, columns of text, as in regular stories.

I am assuming that Jet Blue paid a good premium for those two pages, but was gracious enough to give space back to the Times for stories about such subjects as climate change and the Justice Department and spying statements.

We need to see more experimentation with print ads.  They don't appear frequently enough.  We wonder who delays the progress: the ad agencies who are not creating the ads and proposing them to the newspapers, or newspaper advertising departments who are more comfortable with baseboard ads (easy to ignore), full page ads (pay the rent) and those awful staircases with a variety of ad sizes that have ineffective chambers of horror since the beginning of time.

I give the Times a 10 for showing us the way.

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