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Thanksgiving Fun Results in a Sick Day

By Twotimesthefun @slcs48n1
"You're punishing us for being sick," was the last thing the blond twin yelled at me before she stomped up the stairs this morning.  I replied, "Nope.  Sick girls don't get to play.  If you stay home from school, you have to spend your time in bed, resting.  It's what sick kids do."
The girls had a very fun Thanksgiving break.  We topped off the long weekend with a trip downtown to see the decorations and have dinner at Macy's Walnut Room.  It was all great until we came home.
Last night the girls just lost their minds.  They were so tired they could hardly get themselves ready for bed.  They complained about headaches and sore throats.  A few fake coughs were thrown in for effect.  I don't think they are sick today as much as they are so overtired they just cannot function.  I let them stay home from school because they both complained about their stomachs hurting.  The girls started saying, "I think I'm going to puke."
I sent them into their beds.  I told them if they were not sleeping then they had to read quietly in bed.  Sick girls don't spend the day playing games or running around.  They rest.
The brunette twin came down to ask for a snack.  She asked for a treat, which caused me to say, "Gee, I don't think that's such a good idea.  I wouldn't want the treat to upset your stomach any more."
Yeah, there's a pretty good part of the day educating them to the idea that if you are sick, your world changes dramatically.  No fun.  No treats.  Nothing but rest and a bland diet.  I'm sure they will be thrilled to find out they are having a bagel with butter and a banana for lunch.  If they are hungry later they can have some yogurt. 
It's not punishment, it's tough love.  If you're sick, you get treated like you're sick.  If you're pretending to be sick so you can stay home, you get treated like you're sick.  If this doesn't make them want to go to school tomorrow, then nothing will. 

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