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Thanks For Nothing, NESN

By Theomnipotentq @TheMightyQuinn
Tonight was the final home game for the Red Sox for 2012, and they capped it off by announcing the All-Time Fenway team.
I sat down to watch it as the pregame show was concluding. It got going at about 6:50 PM, with Don Orsillo and Joe Castiglione announcing the winners of the fan poll, with three sets of players at each position.
As Rich Gedman was being announced at catcher, NESN dumps out of the festivities for a repeat of the Dennis and Callahan WEEI morning radio show.
I was furious.
I get NESN National on my TV, as I live outside of New England. That also means I don't get Red Sox games live on NESN. (A friend has a theory that it is because they want fans to buy the Extra Innings package, which I already have. I think he is right.) So as soon as the pregame is over, they leave when the Sox game is coming on.
Is it REALLY too much to ask to stay with this special pregame event, and then leave when it concludes? Tonight's game is scheduled for 7:20 PM, and not 7:10 PM. (The event actually ran longer than anticipated, and the first pitch was thrown at 7:26 PM.)
Absolutely absymal job by NESN, screwing over fans outside New England.
Perfect ending to a lousy 100th anniversary season.

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