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Thanks for All Your Feedback

Posted on the 01 November 2011 by Themarioblog @garciainteract

TAKEAWAY: You still can fill out our survey questionnaires, but we are happy with the responses we have had as we rethink the Garcia Media brand and its website.

You have provided us with some very useful and interesting data, which will prove most valuable as we rethink the Garcia Media website,  the brand, what it stands for, and, even more important, how we can improve what we do.

I think we are the winners here, reading your comments, studying your suggestions. We now have some fascinating data on which to build as we look at what we do and how we can make it better.
However, as promised, there is also a winner, whose name was drawn from all those who took the time to fill out our survey questionnaire.  We have emailed the winner to schedule the 45-minute Skype conference.

We plan to leave the link to the survey on the site and would appreciate any further responses.

As we all know, today an organization is constantly improving and we are no exception.  So keep those comments coming.

Our plan is to work hard at the rethinking of Garcia Media and perhaps make changes visible in the first quarter of 2012.

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