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Thank You for Being There Always Mom!

By Saurabh2461986 @saurabhslounge
   You welcomed me in this world wholeheartedly Embraced my happiness and sorrows with glee Sometimes I wonder how lucky one could be? Mother, I wish your teachings and blessings be always with me! 
made of great tata motors with lionel messi
They say that life is short, live fully. But nobody has the answer to the question how? You come into this world with a purpose, in fact you are sent to this world with a purpose. In most of  the cases unfortunately, the purpose is somewhat not met. It is very rare that a person is always clear with what he or she has to do in life. Those who do, are very rare and are very lucky if they are able to achieve that purpose.
me and my mother
Some of the people, on the other hand need an inspiration to get a boost in order to do what they actually want to do. The question comes whether that person has achieved the feeling of emancipation or not. The second feeling is whether they did it all alone or something which created a spark in them? Once that spark is created, the rest is automatically handled.
We all need a spark, I have always needed it and I am lucky to have it too. The moment I feel low, I always find her standing beside me. Yes, she has played multiple roles in her life. For me she is a mother, a teacher, a confidante, a source of inspiration, a candle in the darkness, a ray of hope at the time of dilemma and most importantly, a true friend!  
me and my mother
No matter what phase I have gone through, I have found her to be standing beside me. I remember the time when I was literally paralyzed by pain, no painkiller worked on me. I was calmed by a soothing touch which made me forget the pain. I opened my eyes and saw my mother standing beside me. That moment still brings a smile on my face.
You were there when in darkness I froze And the first time my heart broke When hopeless, only you I invoke You are the silent listener to my prose*
Freedom is something a child wants. The best thing, being accepted as you are and by what you do is like icing the cake. I am glad to be provided the freedom as well as being accepted as who I am and what I do. I thank my mother for being with me on all the occasions, all the phases of my life.   
Although the words are not enough but they are enough when they are paved out straight from the heart. I dedicate these four lines to you mother:
You taught me to be brave, accept the fate Always to love, never to hate I would  like to say it before it's too late You are undeniably #madeofgreat!
I have met many people and will meat many more. But I haven't met someone who is even closer to you, mother. You have always been special to me and will always be because you are undeniably made of great. 
I came across the news that Lionel Messi has been chosen as Global Brand ambassador for Tata Motors. I feel that it is a great association.
What do you think of Tata Motors' association with Lionel Messi? Do share your answers in the comments section below! Do check out the video below:

*Prose: talk tediously

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