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Thank God It's Thursday, 01.12.2011

Posted on the 30 November 2011 by Limette @Limette9
I'm sorry that I didn't post anything last tuesday; I was very busy with school and other things.
Indian Releases
Thank God It's Thursday, 01.12.2011Thank God It's Thursday, 01.12.2011Thank God It's Thursday, 01.12.2011
I Am Singh - Bollywood seems to have an affection for producing seemingly poor 9/11-films at the time. I also wonder how smart it is to name a film that is situated in New York and that revolves around survival etc. "I Am Singh". I think people will rather re-watch the Will Smith version of that.

Land Gold Women - This is a film with high ambitions, though judging from the trailer it doesn't look like a masterpiece. Nevertheless, it won the Nation Film Award, which is known to be the only truly trustworthy award in India, so that should be reason enough to see it.

The Dirty Picture - Starring Vidya Balan, produced by Shobha Kapoor and Ekta Kapoor... run to the theaters as fast as you can! (PS: Trailer and posters look good, too).
I have the feeling that many men are going to see this, for obvious reasons, but it seems it's going to bring Bollywood one step further to gender equality. That being said, Bollywood is very close to it, in my opinion - at least partly.
Mentionable German releases
Thank God It's Thursday, 01.12.2011Thank God It's Thursday, 01.12.2011
In Time - A very rotten film according to RT. I do find the plot interesting though... it reminds me of one of my favorite child books, it's called "Momo". 
Jane Eyre - Unbelievable that I haven't read the book yet, even though I'm such a sucker for books and films from or about the 19th century. Neither have I seen any of the films, but I've had an eye on this one for a long time (literally, I mean this took a long time to come here)... I really like Jamie Bell and Mia Wasikowska was all right in ALICE IN WONDERLAND, too. 
Releases at the local repertory
(By the way, Melancholia played last week, and I was in to watch it. You can read my opinion in the next Happy Next Month post).
Thank God It's Thursday, 01.12.2011Thank God It's Thursday, 01.12.2011
Certified Copy - Already entitled (one of) the best film(s) of the year, I'm eager to watch this film - but there's no time at all with school and everything else... sadly. Well, we'll see.
Whore's Glory - A documentary about prositution. Surely informative and shocking. Not what I need right now.
Thank God It's Thursday, 01.12.2011

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