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By Keepingupwithsonnek @aJOschlomka

Day 2: Friday Feb 7th, we woke up feeling rested and totally rejuvenated... ready to take on a full day of fun in Vegas! As I opened the curtains the rising sun had us hopeful that today was going to be a great day in the 60s with a little bit of sun!
* TGIF: viva la BRITNEY! [vegas view: day 2]
Seeing that it was BRITNEY DAY... I was a lil hyper and that's saying a lot because I am NOT an energetic morning person, like, at all. As soon as we were dressed we talked about which direction we were going to head out on the Strip. After skimming the lobby for breakfast and being unsuccessful in finding anything that would hit the spot, we decided to go South and found breakfast at Cabo Wabo. It was still a little chilly at 10:30/11am but all outdoor seating have heaters so that made for comfortable outdoor seating- our table was overlooking the Strip which made for prime view of some really great people watching.
* TGIF: viva la BRITNEY!
A couple of great things at Cabo Wabo. A. It's not secret that Aaron and I love Cabo, so imaging that we are in Cabo is always good in or book! B. While sitting at Cabo Wabo, right next to Paris I had the best of both worlds... sitting at my "favorite traveled to place in the world" with a view of my "dream place to visit in my lifetime at least once" mainly the Eiffel Tower. and C. two words- BOTTOMLESS MIMOSAS {that also included a to-go cup} I think I had about 8.. or was it 9... maybe it was 10!? Either way- it was a really great morning/breakfast for us. I ordered an omelet w/ bacon and fried potatoes- not comparable to Serendipity 3's flavor, but it was still pretty good!
After leaving Cabo Wabo we popped in and out of a few souvenir shops and into a couple of the sidewalk Walgreens for a couple of roadies errr sidewalkies. Its so great being able to buy a drink and roam the Strip, I loved finding the HUGE Lime-a-Ritas and Angry Orchard in a can. We walked thru MGM which was pretty quiet and dark... we eventually made it to NY/NY and rode the coaster!!
* TGIF: viva la BRITNEY!
Aaron loves telling the story about how "I am the only person he knows that can make a rollercoaster wait...Let me explain... before buying tickets you have to rent a locker and put all of your belongings into it- purses, hats, sunglasses, everything. Well seeing that my phone is attached to my hand I kept that with me AND I of course needed a photo, duh! Well it was after I took one quick picture that I was caught with my camera mid- snap... the conversation and series of events went like so:

Rollercoaster Operator (RO): "NO phones" [waving a finger at me & motioning me to get rid of it]
Me: "Oh, ok- I'll just put it in my pocket" [smiling BIG & showing that i have zipper pockets]
Aaron: [shaking his head]
RO: "you need to get it in your locker now"
...we are minutes away from our turn in line...
Me: "ok how much time do I have?"
RO: "we'll wait for you"
Me: [rushing to my locker... opening it to put my phone away... realizing pretty quickly that I didn't have any quarters on me to lock my locker again... sweating... asked a sweet girl next to me for a quarter... she gave me one... i screwed up the locker somehow... and now my key was stuck...  and i have no idea what to do...]
Aaron: [sitting in the rollercoaster with everyone else, waiting... he asks] "we're waiting on her... aren't we?"
RO: "yes"
Aaron: [shaking his head again]
Me: [beating the locker when RO walks up behind me with a handful of quarters] #imanidiot yeah.... I was escorted to the rollercoaster that was full and waiting for me... Oops!! Once we were all locked in, Aaron tells me that he thinks that the last time he was on a rollercoaster was when he was about 13. Our laughing about this turned into screaming as we shot down the 140'+ ride followed tons of twists, turns AND going upside down! It was fun AND worth the locker beating and a hold up... ;)
* TGIF: viva la BRITNEY! [it wasn't me...]
After NY/NY we started back towards our hotel, again, popping in and out of  hotels on the way. Cosmopolitan was such a pretty hotel- I imagine this is a definite a must stay spot for a girl's weekend in Vegas! Back at our hotel and just before going up to our room, we grabbed a couple of drinks and some snacks to have in the room while we got ready for the night. We aren't going to talk about me "losing" my Britney tickets for about 10 minutes. I spent that much time trying to fund them in the REALLY good hiding spot from, myself, apparently in my bag... I wasn't even a little bit hesitant to pin it on housekeeping, either. How awful is that!? Anyway, I said I wasn't going to talk about it...
* TGIF: viva la BRITNEY!
I needed at LEAST an hour and a half to get ready, don't ask.... I just do. I didn't want to rush getting ready for such a fun night ahead! While I had Britney cranked in the bathroom, Aaron got in a good nap, a couple of drinks and some of the Winter Olympics- he's obsessed!
Around 5:30pm Sheina {my good friend that I have known since FOREVER aka elementary school} picked Aaron and I up at our hotel to head off the Strip for dinner. Sheina has been in Vegas for 9 years, so she whizzed in and out of the Strip traffic with ease and took us to Town Square for dinner at the Yard House- where they have three pages of beer on tap! While I went with wine, Aaron and Sheina had their beer. It was SO great being able to catch up with Sheina, its always fun talking about stories from way back when and also how our worlds differ from Vegas to MN. She is a teacher in Vegas and a Momma to THREE adorable kids with a HUGE passion for Running! We were having too much of a good time for me to take any pictures of food, the HUGE bar or anything else inside for that matter- and also... quite honestly... my BRITNEY BRAIN was already starting to kick in!
* TGIF: viva la BRITNEY!
After dinner Sheina drove us back to the Strip and right to Planet Hollywood, how much does she rock!? A LOT... Sheina, you're the very best and how much do I WISH that we weren't SO FAR APART!! After parting ways and waving byyyyeee to the Goobs {that's sheina} we walked into Planet Hollywood and I swear to you... leading up to the show gets kind of blurry. Not because I had too much wine {1 glass} or too much of the BEST baked mac & cheese that I have ever had {i ordered the half portion} but because in less than 30 minutes I would be in the SAME ROOM {a very large room BUT STILL} the sammmme room as BRITNEY SPEARS!!!
* TGIF: viva la BRITNEY! [all three pictures above are thanks to Kristin]
Speaking of said, fellow Britney Buddy, Kristin. When her and I realized we were going to the same show on the same weekend in Vegas we went on a little coffee blate a couple of weeks prior. We had a fun little hour chatting it up and a lot about Britney. Kristin made a CD of the show's set list to give to me- um... AWESOME!! She's too much and that's why she is equally if not MORE of a Britney fan. Anytime I refer to her, I now call her "Kristin Britney". :)
On the night of the show her and I had planned to meet up before the show for a drink and some pictures. It was CRAZY town outside of the auditorium so we pretty much planted in one spot with our rose champagne drinks [right from the bottle baby!] Again... I had total Britney Brain going on and took ZERO photos before the show--- thankfully it was Kristin's phone that Aaron was snapping pics on so she was THE BEST and sent me a few of them.
* TGIF: viva la BRITNEY!
We found our seats a few minutes before the show was set to start at 9:30pm- took a little selfie, Aaron was SO pumped to be there... haha For real though he didn't mind it at all- he was pretty impressed with the sound and all of the cool things Britney did for her show. I am going to let some pictures do the talking, but just know that it was SUCH A GREAT SHOW.... so many fun details, great outfits and OH yeah.... BRITNEY came out with brown hair!! My jaw dropped... Britney is blonde, always blonde... I was in shock and awe for a couple of minutes but snapped out of it and enjoyed nothing short of a spectacular 90 minutes with my eyes glued to the show and singing along to everything!!
* TGIF: viva la BRITNEY!
The only downfall was a super drunk girl that walked across the entire row twice {first time, late to the show}. She was 2nd from the end... but yet she still felt like she wanted to stumble all the way across the row. Then on top of all of that, she didn't even make it to the end of the show. Right at TOXIC my favvvvvvvvvvvvvvorite song, she barfed ALL over the floor!!! THANKFUL we were a couple of seats from her so we weren't effected. I did however feel really bad for the couple next to us. The staff cleaned the mess up right away but man what a distraction for those girls she was with a the few people around them. an ME for about a minute, which was WAY to long!! What a dumb not smart decision making girl....  what a waste of a Britney fan... or not a fan at all... I would NEVER do that to Brit!
* TGIF: viva la BRITNEY!
After the show ended with an encore song, Britney said her goodbyes and we shuffled out of Planet Hollywood with our minds BLOWN!! I was in awe... still from the brown hair the girl barfing and Britney's awesomeness.
* TGIF: viva la BRITNEY!
If you love Britney, you should probably be sure to get out to Vegas and see her show. You'll love it!
It was just before 11pm so Aaron and I walked over to Caesar's Palace and then Bellagio. As we were walking out the water fountain show had just started so it was perfect timing! My excitement from the entire evening of dinner, cocktails the show AND being out and about all day walking had my feet screaming at me and my eyes begging for sleep!
* TGIF: viva la BRITNEY!
I literally crashed after my Britney high and with Aaron being on the same page we decided to call it a night and head "home" for the night. We're such old fogies... but we both agree that if we were visiting Vegas with a group we would be all about doing anything and everything for hours into the night. But for this trip- we had the freedom to just do our own thing and that's exactly what we did!
We grabbed a couple slices of pizza to bring back to the room. Once getting comfy in my favorite tee, I couldn't wait to chat Aaron's ear off with MORE Britney until I was sure to fall right to sleep.... but he beat me to it... soon after he found the bed he was OUT! I'd say he was on Britney overload, so I let him be. ;)
* TGIF: viva la BRITNEY!
Good night to another great day in Vegas! We have one more full day of seeing what Vegas has to offer for The Sonneks.  
You'll want to return on Monday to see which celebs I ran into...  AND got my picture with!!

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