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By Kmitrix @kmitrix
  • Worked til 6pm yesterday and started at 8am today with mtgs from 8:30-noon today. Mental. Can’t wait for this day to be done!
  • Harry stayed in his crib alllllllll night last night and woke this morning chatting with himself which was a nice change from the 3am desparate screams we’ve been getting lately.
  • I ate great yesterday and did my workout! Run/walk intervals with 6min blocks of running - which is amazing considering before this I had never run in my life. I also took care of my head last night at my women’s meeting.  
  • Left hip is sore. Did some stretching last night, will do more today and a walk. I think my form is good when I run, I may have to do some glute/quad strengthening - advice on this is welcome.
  • My cousin is babysitting tonight so I can go food shopping. Seriously looking forward to it.
  • This weekend is gonna be ca-ray-zee. We’re bringing Harry to a mega Touch-A-Truck event tomorrow morning and then we have a bday party for brothers we know in the afternoon. Their mom is a high school friend of mine and seriously a mom role model. The chick should have a super-mom cape.

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