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Texas Has A Record Number Of Registered Voters

Posted on the 18 October 2014 by Jobsanger
Texas Has A Record Number Of Registered Voters
The Democratic Party in Texas made an effort to get a lot of new voters registered this year -- and it looks like they may have at least partially succeeded. The Secretary of State for Texas has announced that current voter registration has topped 14 million for the first time (14,025,411) -- several hundred thousand more voters than were registered in 2012.
But it is too early to celebrate. The real question is how many voters will actually bother to vote in this election (including how many of those new registrants will vote). Texas traditionally has a very low turnout in off-year elections -- even though those are the elections in which we choose our statewide officials (including the governor). In the last off-year election (2010), only slightly more that 37% of registered voters actually voted -- and Texas has never had as many as 5 million people vote in an off-year election.
That has got to change if Democrats are to have a chance of winning.
NOTE -- The chart above was made with figures from the website of the Texas Secretary of State.

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