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Texas GOP Gerrymanders To Maintain Its Grip On Power

Posted on the 21 October 2021 by Jobsanger
Texas GOP Gerrymanders To Maintain Its Grip On PowerThe chart above is from The Texas Tribune

Whites are no longer the majority in Texas. They make up only about 40% of the state's population. Add to this the fact that of the 4 million new citizens in Texas, 95% of them were minorities (mainly Hispanic).

Considering that, a reasonable person might think that minorities might deserve at least one of the two new congressional seats in Texas (if not both). But Republicans hold the power in the state legislature, and reason and fairness are not GOP values.

The Republicans did some fancy gerrymandering, and drew a congressional map they believe will keep them in power (ignoring racial/ethnic realities).

Even though Whites are only 40% of the state population, the GOP created a map that has 23 districts (out of 38) that has a predominately White populace. That's 60.5% of the districts.

Hispanics, who make up 39% of the state's population, only got 7 seats that are predominately Hispanic. That's only 18.4% of the districts.

Even though Blacks make up 12% of the population and Asians make up 5%, neither group got a district that is predominately made up of those groups. Instead, the remaining 8 districts have no majority population. That's about 21.1% of the districts.

A coalition of Hispanic voters and other grassroots organizations have filed suit against the new congressional map -- claiming that it was gerrymandered to deny political power to minorities. I think they have a very good case. But with the current right-wing U.S. Supreme Court, it is unlikely they will win their efforts to get fairer districts drawn.

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