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Teutonic Tuesday – Italian/German/Goldman Axis Screws Greece Over – Again!

Posted on the 21 February 2012 by Phil's Stock World @philstockworld

In 1941 it was Hitler and Moussolini, now it's Merkel and Draghi who have run a Blitzkrieg on Greece, overwhelming Europe's poor southern state with a campaign of Financial "shock and awe" that has finally subjugated the Greek people.  Just like in 1941, a collaborationist Greek government was put in place to carry out the will of the Troika and once again the citizens of Greece will suffer as their Nation's wealth is sucked dry to feed the EU's banking machine.  

The occupation of Greece in the 1940s led to 300,000 civilians dying of starvation and, with 22% unemployment already in Greece and new austerity measures trashing the social safety net and lowering wages for those lucky enough to have jobs – it won't be very long before the next round of starvation begins to set in.  The last axis occupation of Greece lasted "only" 3 years and left the country in ruins, leading to civil war in 1944 when the expulsion of the collaborators left a power vacuum in Government.  The Troika plan to occupy Greece for 18 years – what could possibly go wrong?  As noted by Automatic Earth:

Mario Draghi, looks more and more like the bad guy from the B-rated horror movie series Saw with every passing day. Jigsaw was his name. Or maybe I should say "is" his name, because that series apparently never ends just like the tortured European sovereign debt and banking crises. For those unfamiliar, the premise behind the movie was that Jigsaw would create extremely uncomfortable situations for people, both psychologically and physically, and then watch how they react.

It was all originally supposed to be about an old cancer patient (Jigsaw) who teaches others about the true value of life in clever ways, but was really just about another pathetic, sadistic man who manufactures impossible situations and gets off on watching other people suffer. Sounds a

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