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Testy Tuesday – Blurred Lines

Posted on the 13 August 2013 by Phil's Stock World @philstockworld

I feel so lucky
Hey, hey, hey
You wanna hug me
Hey, hey, hey
What rhymes with hug me?
Hey, hey, hey – Blurred Lines 

Sadly, this is what passes for music these days.  

Also sadly, this is what passes for a rally these days, with our major indexes skipping along their 5% lines on our Big Chart like stones across a pond.  Of course, we know what usually happens to stones that skip across a pond after a bounce or two

We're PATIENTLY waiting for the big splash on oil, which gave us a small dip on Friday (0.50) down to the $104 line but then jammed way up to $106.50 and has been over $107 this morning.  This is why we keep VERY tight stops over our .50 lines and already this morning we got another ride down from $107 to $106.25, which makes up for a bunch of dime losses on the stop lines.  Now the NYMEX crooks are pretending to want 243M barrels for September delivery and that's down just 18M from Friday and there's only 6 trading days left before they're forced to take them!  Still plenty of time to execute my plan to sell all 243M contracts (now $106.50) and force the bastards to choke on the deliveries next month!  

IEA production forecast chartOh sorry, when I said that 243M barrels are down from last week, I may have given the wrong impression as the criminal oil manipulators trading at the NYMEX haven't done anything but ROLL the contract to other months so they can keep the con going.  As you can see from Friday's chart, there were "only" 220,000 fake demand contracts written for October but now there are 233,000.  

So 13,000 of our 18,000 conracts that disappeared from September are now in October – driving those prices artificially higher.   November is up 13,000 to 150,000 and December is up 9,000, from 205,000 to 214,000.  Are you starting to feel like one of those kids who's drunk uncle is trying to show a "magic trick" to by making quarters disappear and then come out of your ears?  That's the scam:  A 5-year old

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