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Test Your Vocab

By Gerard @presurfer
Test Your Vocab is a research project to measure vocabulary sizes according to age and education, and particularly to compare native learning rates with foreign language classroom learning rates. It functions by means of a test: the first part with a handful of words to determine the general vocabulary level, and a second part with a larger but narrower selection of words to determine the vocabulary level with greater precision.
My total vocabulary size is estimated to be 17,800 words. That's not bad since English is not my native language. Most adults fall in the range 20,000 - 35,000, with the exact median score being 27,123 words. Test Your Vocab.
Test Your Vocab
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By vocabulary
posted on 13 August at 13:35
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My result is 13500. And the average result of this this is 4500. Not bad, I think :) I can recommend you to use a great website which can help you to improve vocabulary: In a few months you can apss the vocabulary test again :)

posted on 16 March at 17:32

So helpful project. Thanks so much! - more English words.