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By Manjumodiyani @HoshiyaarChaddi
Next Generation Yeair! QuadcopterEveryone has been going on and on about drones! By drones, we do not mean the contentious military drones. We are talking about the friendly hobby drones. Flying drones is definitely fun. It’s the enhanced operational simplicity coupled with affordable prices that have been turning everyone’s heads. There is so much that one can do with drones; security surveillance, aerial video shooting and photography, and sneaking up on friends and family just because you can!Hobby drones are used mainly to reach the heights and distances that are unimaginable for humans without getting on an actual helicopter or an airplane. Flying a drone feels like flying among the birds and looking down at the world like they do. The taste of freedom is beyond words!There are innumerable shortcomings with the quadcopters that are currently available in the market. Let’s see what they are.·   Not enough air time, which lasts for only 12-20 minutes·   Limited speed·   Payload capacity limited to a few hundred grams·   Runs on batteries that need repeated rechargingThere are no two ways about the sensible price tags of the conventional quadcopters, but the functional inadequacies diminish the quality of your experience with the gizmo. However, the desire to produce better quadcopters and raise the drone flying experience up by several notches has led the German startup company Yeair! to come up with a hybrid quadcopter.The Yeair! quadcopter is the brainchild of the German inventor Holger Willeke. According to him, the problem of present day quadcopters is very simple; well engineered but not enough power. Yeair quadcopter is his approach to combine power and weight. However, this was impossible to achieve with just Li-poly batteries. This is where combustion engines come into the picture. Yeair quadcopter runs on a hybrid power system, which is a combination electric engines and 2-stroke 10cc combustion engines.The two kinds of engines work in symbiotic fashion. The electric engines are used to automatically start the drone’s combustion engines. They do not require manual recharging and get automatically recharged during the flight from the power derived from the combustion engine. The piggybacking brings in the best of both worlds and ensures superior performance, greater speed and longer air time. Not to mention the enhanced payload capacity.Yeair! quadcopter has the top speed of 62 mph and the range of 34 miles. The 1.5-liter fuel tank and the 1250 mAH battery can keep the drone in the air for a good 60 minutes. Having a drone as sophisticated as the Yeair! quadcopter makes sense only if it allows you to capture high-quality videos. This is why we emphasize so much on the payload capacity of the drone. The Yeair! quadcopter has a payload capacity of 11 lbs, which allows the user to mount a cinema quality camera on to drone. The Yeair! quadcopter is stable and sturdy enough to keep the camera safe during the take-off, flight, and landing.The state of the art bonus features of Yeair! quadcopter such as automatic start, automatic landing, autonomous flight option, auto-return and follow-me mode would certainly give the conventional drones a run for their money. The redundancy option lets the flyer land the quadcopter safely if the engines happen to act up. Nevertheless, the drone would be in danger should the 2-stroke piston conk out.
Priced sensibly at €1399, Yeair! quadcopter is currently available from Kickstarter. The inventor Holger Willeke suggests that Yeair! quadcopter is just a beginning of something big and that the team aspires to create ‘Persocopter’, which is an octocopter with wings meant to carry around people! Now that’s something very impressive!
5 Places to Get Deals on Vacuum Cleaner BrushesIt goes without saying that vacuum cleaners are one of the most practical and useful home appliances ever. While buying a good vacuum cleaner would certainly give you a bang for a buck, it’s the accessories that could burn a hole in your pocket. The kit brushes that came with the vacuum cleaner need to be changed after a few years once their functionality begins to decline. What if we told you there 5 places to get good deals on vacuum cleaner brushes? Let’s take a look at the online stores offering hefty discounts on vacuum cleaner brushes.My Central Vacuum StoreMy Central Vacuum Store is a place that stands true to its name. You can choose from a wide range of branded, hi-end power brushes such as the TurboCat Zoom Air Driven Power Brush, Cen-Tec QuietDrive Power Brush, Beam Rug Master Plus, and Weasel-Werk. They also sell a complete set of generic vacuum cleaner brushes compatible with Vacuflo, Nu Tone, Vacu-Maid, Beam, etc that have a central vacuum system.E SparesE Spares is a web store based in the UK, but they do ship their products around the world. You can get good deals on individual vacuum cleaner brushes as well as the toolkits. Most of the collection belongs to the universal category and you can avail up to 23% discount on the price. You can find brushes meant specifically for vacuum cleaners from Dyson, LG, Bosch, Electrolux, and Siemens as well.BuySparesBuySpares displays the widest range of vacuum cleaner brushes ever! You would be spoilt for choice while you browse through their collection of brushes for floor and upholstery care. The website is very transparent, and specifically mentions if a brush is a genuine accessory or approved by BuySpares. BuySpare offers an additional 5% discount on your first purchase with them. Based in the UK, BuySpares ships their products to several countries, including the United States.AliExpressAliExpress is a well-known e-commerce site and you would love to know that they sell brushes for several brands and models of vacuum cleaners. iRobot Roomba, Electrolux, Karcher, Hoover, you name it they have it! Besides, there is a decent range of universal brushes for deep cleaning and removing mites that are compatible with all the modern vacuum cleaners of major brands.USA VacuumBoasting a tagline that says ‘Where Price Matter’, USA Vacuum is a one stop solution for vacuum cleaner dilemma! The products have been neatly categorized on the basis of brand, models, and vacuum type for easy navigation. You will have to look through their collection of vacuum cleaner brushes to believe about the deals being offered. You can find brushes for brands like Emer, Bissel, Hoover, Panasonic, Proteam and so on.Vacuum cleaners definitely make our lives easy. Don’t let the price of spares bother you. We suppose this list of 5 Places to Get Deals on Vacuum Cleaner Brushes will come handy while you shop.
How to Get a Fabulous Grind and Brew Coffee Maker on a Tight BudgetCoffee is one of the finest things in life. People who come from a family of non-coffee drinkers often assume that the coffee they had at the regular neighborhood donut shop is the real stuff. But they cannot be more wrong. If you want to taste heaven, there is nothing better than home-made coffee that has been freshly ground and brewed.Starting your day with a cup of exotic coffee doesn’t have to be an expensive affair. It doesn’t have to be messy either. Grinding your coffee beans and then transferring them to the coffee brewing machine sounds like a buzzkill to me too. This is why coffee makers with built-in grinders exist!How to Get a Fabulous Grind and Brew Coffee Maker on a Tight Budget, you ask? You should keep these things in mind while choosing a coffee maker.·   Go for a reputed brand of grind and brew coffee maker, such as Cuisinart or KRUPS. Buying a cheap coffee maker will malign your experience. Besides, the branded coffee makers are sturdy and reliable. Choosing a good brand translates to saving money in the long term.·   Make sure the flask that comes with the coffee maker is not just a regular glass jar. It should be an insulated thermal carafe that will keep your coffee hot and fresh for a longer.·   The coffee maker should allow you to adjust the grind levels, the strength and aroma of the coffee and the number of cups to be brewed.·   Look out for features like auto shut-off, grind off, brew pause and keep warm for the sake of your convenience. Most of the budget-friendly coffee makers are fully programmable and will grind and brew your coffee every morning when you wake up.·   Request a free demo before you finalize your purchase to check the performance of the grinder and its noise level. Alternatively, you can read the reviews online.With these simple tips, you should be able to land a branded grind and brew coffee maker for $200 give or take.
Lots of Ruffles Country Girl Pink Pant SetThe best thing about being a kid is getting to dress up in whimsical outfits and still look adorable! Celebrate the spirit of childhood by getting your little girl the Lots of Ruffles Country Girl Pink Pant Set. Keeping in mind the comfort of your child, the two-piece dress has been crafted from 100% cotton fabric. The red top has a white print and four spectacularly full ruffles. The adjustable tie straps on the shoulders allow for the perfect fit. The black pants have ruffled bottoms created from the same red fabric with the white print on it, which not only flawlessly complements the top but also raises the cuteness quotient of the dress up a notch. It makes a perfect summer dress. The fabric allows higher breathability so that your child stays cool and comfortable. This dress is perfect to be worn for outings to the beach or the lake. This gorgeous and adorable dress is available for baby girls, toddlers and little girls in various sizes, such as 6M, 9M, 12M, 2T, 3T, 4T, 5, 6, 7 and 8.
Craftsman 16 Scroll Saw ReviewThe scroll saw is one of the most popular and practical woodworking machines. It is basically a type of saw that has a narrow blade and is used for cutting intricate, ornamental patterns in the slabs of wood. When jigsaw and coping saw just won’t suffice, a spiral saw provides great precision and enhanced stability needed to achieve perfectly cut complex designs.Spiral saws get their name from the purpose that they have always been used for; creating scrollwork. Apart from commercial use, scroll saws have a great demand from the hobby woodworkers. Spiral saws prove to be a good investment. Usually, one does not need several tools for creating scrollwork if they have a good scroll saw. Modern day scroll saws are very compact and run on electricity. There are several brands of scroll saws flooding the market. How to pick the right scroll saw, you ask? Well, it depends on the purpose, your budget, and expectations from the product.Craftsman is one of the top-notch producers of quality craftsman tools since 1927. The Craftsman 16” Variable Speed Scroll Saw is a product very well received. Today we are going to review Craftsman 16 Scroll Saw and find for ourselves what makes it one of their best-selling scroll saws.Main Features·   The Craftsman 16 Scroll Saw weighs 17.2 kg. The physical dimensions are 13.9” x 23.62” x 11.73” (Heights x Length x Width)·   The saw is powered by a 60 Hz motor that runs on 120 Volt.·   The saw allows variable speeds ranging from 400 to 1600 SPM for seamless cutting through both soft woods and hard woods.·   Large, comfortable work table crafted from cast iron that measures 17-1/8" * 10-1/4" and leans up to 45 degrees on the left side, which is very important for bevel cutting that calls for complicated maneuvering.·   The saw features a parallel-arm blade assembly with fewer components, which trims down the vibration.·   The saw allows the maximum cutting thickness of 2 inches when the cast iron work table lay flat. The maximum cutting thickness allowed at an angle of 45 degrees is 1 inch.·   It comes with a blade wrench, a set of four 5-inch pin and blank-end blades.·   The multi-directional dust blower keeps the work table free from dust so you can focus on the cutting process.·   The saw has a 1.25-inch dust extraction port if you wish to hook it up to your shop vacuum for cleaning up the sawdust.ValueThe Craftsman 16 Scroll Saw is priced at $150, which in our opinion is a reasonable price tag for an entry-to-mid level scroll saw. The saw is fairly sturdy and bulky, which enhances its steadiness while it’s in use.Pros·   The multi-directional sawdust blower adds immense utility to the saw and improves the ease of working on the woodwork.·   The dust collection port facilitates easy cleaning post use.·   The saw allows the use of both plain-end and pin-end blades to accomplish cuttings of different width and depths.·   Variable speed makes working on different kinds of wood simpler.Cons·   Work table tilts up to 45 degrees towards the left side only, making the process of bevel cuts twice as difficult.·   Hardware is sturdy enough for performing entry-level woodworking tasks, but not strong enough to sustain the wear and tear of heavy duty cutting.OverviewThe Craftsman 16 Scroll Saw is the perfect saw for the novice hobby woodworkers and intermediate users. This scroll saw definitely outperforms its cheaper substitutes by providing better precision and reduced vibration. Thanks to the cast iron work table that makes its base so heavy and stable. If your work doesn’t demand both left and right tilt, we see no point in going for the expensive substitutes of the Craftsman 16 Scroll Saw. They often carry a hefty price tag because they have a whole new range of features which would actually be “too much” for your requirements.
Ryobi ZRSC164VS 16-Inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw ReviewWoodworking has been in vogue lately and a lot of people have been going crazy over scroll saws. While the professional woodworkers flood the YouTube with unpacking and demo videos of their shiny new scroll saws, several others are being inspired to take up woodworking as a hobby.With the rise in demand for basic, easy-to-use equipment, a lot of reputed brands like Ryobi, Craftsman, Dewalt Rockwell and Genesis have doled out a range of affordable, entry-level scroll saws for the beginners. Ryobi Power Tools have thrown their hat in the ring by launching the Ryobi ZRSC164VS 16-Inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw. Let’s take a look at the specifications.Main Features·   The Ryobi Scroll Saw weighs 14 kg. The physical dimensions are 13” x 26.4” x 14.4”.·   The saw runs on a powerful 1.2 A, 60 Hz motor that uses 120 Volt.·   It facilitates change of speed which varies between 550 and 1600 SPM.·   The depth of the throat is 16 inches, which offers decent cutting capacity.·   The cast aluminum work table can be tilted up to 45 degrees to either side. It takes a lot of weight off the saw, making it easy to haul around.·   Maximum cutting thickness on flat work table - 2 inches. Maximum cutting thickness when work table is inclined at an angle of 45 degrees- 1 inch·   The saw supports both pin-end and plain-end blades to achieve cuttings of different styles on different kinds of material.·   The built-in Accuclear dust blower keeps the work table clean and free from sawdust and enhances the visibility while the saw is in use.·   The saw has an integrated 1.25” dust port that can be attached to the shop vacuum for easy cleaning.·   The Ryobi Scroll saw comes with one year warranty.ValueThe Ryobi Scroll Saw costs $99. It is the perfect example of ‘you get what you pay for’. This saw performs satisfactorily for the beginners, but might fail to impress the intermediate users and professionals.Pros·   Lightweight saw with enhanced portability.·   The Accuclear dust blower keeps the sawdust off the work table so that you can focus on cutting.·   No assembly required. The saw comes with a perfectly tensioned, pre-installed 5-inch pin blade and is ready to use right off the box.·   Adjustable speeds make it easier to work on different types of wood and soft metals.·   Changing the blades is a hassle-free process and does not require any tools either.Cons·   Since the work table is made from cast aluminum, it is not durable and sturdy enough.·   Though the Ryobi Scroll Saw is lighter, it impedes its stability and precision while the saw is in use. The vibration can hinder the cutting accuracy.OverviewDespite all its shortcomings, the Ryobi Scroll Saw is a versatile piece of equipment. Like we mentioned before, it is best suited for entry-level users only. Heavy use can cause significant damage to the work table and throw the saw’s functionality into disarray.
Why is MBBS from Russia a Good Idea?Most Indian kids grow up with an aspiration to become either an engineer or a doctor. While getting into a decent engineering college is manageable for most students, it’s the lack of sufficient medical colleges, cut-throat competition and exorbitant cost of medical education that has kept a number of aspirants from becoming excellent doctors that they could have made.Every year, thousands of students who appear for medical entrance exams are compelled to shift to other streams. But what if we told you that it is possible to study medicine without having to break the bank? And from the medical universities of repute no less!Today we are going to tell you about Crimea State Medical University, which happens to be one of the best universities in Russia. If the thought of pursuing MBBS in Russia sounds exciting to you, read on to know more about what awaits you.About the Crimea State Medical UniversityThe foundation of Crimea State Medical University dates back to 1918, making it one of the oldest institutions of higher education in Crimea. The university is internationally recognized by important organizations that further validates the excellence of its medical education. Some of the recognitions are as follows.·   The World Health Organization·   Medical Council of India·   Pakistan Medical and Dental Council·   The General Medical Council of Great Britain·   The Ministry of Education in Ukraine·   German Medical Council·   Greek Medical and Dental Board·   UAE Medical and Dental Licensing Board·   Saudi Medical Board·   German Medical Council·   South African Medical and Dental CouncilBesides, it has been recognized by the relevant medical councils of the countries forming the part of the European Union. Students who graduate from Crimea State Medical University are allowed to practice medicine in the US and Canada as well. Pursue MBBS in Russia opens up the doors to opportunities of working in the sophisticated healthcare industries of the first world countries.Currently, there are 4,700 medical students studying at the Crimea State Medical University and 1,700 of them are foreigners from 34 countries. The Crimea State Medical University has a robust infrastructure that ensures high-quality medical education for every student that comes in.Courses offered at the Crimea State Medical University·   Foundation Course for foreign students who do not qualify for undergraduate programs but can become eligible after undertaking this 1-year program.·   MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery) is a 6-year program that includes a 1-year internship.·   BDS (Bachelor in Dental Surgery) is a 5-year program.·   B.Pharm (Bachelor in Pharmacy) is a 5-year program.·   Pediatrics- Child Specialist is a 6-year program. The students are awarded the degree of Doctor of Medicine (Pediatrician) upon successful completion.·   Associate, Bachelor and Master Degrees in Nursing have the course duration of 2 years, 4 years and 2 years, respectively.·   Post Graduation Programs across all medical specialties are available as well. The course duration is 2 to 3 years, depending on the specialty. AccommodationThere are 5 hostel buildings in the safe and secure campus of the Crimea State Medical University. A single room is usually shared by 3 or 4 students. There are several cafes on the campus. However, students are provided with kitchen facilities as well.Fee StructureSince we talking about pursuing MBBS in Russia, let’s take a look at the fee structure of the MBBS Program at the Crimea State Medical University.·   1st Year – USD 5850 (Includes tuition fees, accommodation and other expenses)·   2nd Year – USD 3800 (Includes tuition fees and accommodation)·   3rd Year – USD 3800 (Includes tuition fees and accommodation)·   4th Year – USD 3800 (Includes tuition fees and accommodation)·   5th Year – USD 3800 (Includes tuition fees and accommodation)·   6th Year – USD 3800 (Includes tuition fees and accommodation)The cost of basic accommodation is taken into consideration while computing the above mentioned charges. The accommodation in the premium hostels, which costs $500 extra/year, is subject to availability. We suppose this information proved helpful to you. Now that you still have an opportunity to become a doctor, studying MBBS in Russia could change your life for better.
Debt Consolidation for Refinacing Consumer DebtDebt consolidation is a popular method of debt refinancing for consumer debts. The process entails borrowing a new loan to pay off the existing ones. Debt consolidation makes perfect financial sense if the existing loans carry a high interest rate and make you spend more than you earn. Taking out a new loan that carries lower interest rate and smaller monthly installations can be used to pay off the outstanding credit card bills, student’s loan, car loan etc.Debt consolidation offers a higher degree of convenience. Once the new loan is borrowed, there is only one monthly installment to worry about. However, you must look at the big picture. If the interest rate and monthly installments are on the lower side, it doesn’t necessarily save your money. Such loans often have a lengthy tenure, which means you end up paying more interest in dollars.If you have a wealthy friend or relative, you can borrow an unsecured, personal loan from them to refinance your existing debt. The interest rate of personal loans is decided mutually by the borrower and the lender. The transaction is based purely on trust and goodwill since there is no collateral involved.It is advisable not to refinance tour debts using a line of credit or home equity loan. Though their rate of interest is comparatively low and you can avail interest deductions on your taxable income, it makes no sense risking your home just to pay off your auto loan or credit card debt.Professional debt consolidation services often charge a hefty fee, which could beat the purpose of opting for refinancing in the first place. Look out for consumer credit counselors in your city. These institutions not only work out the math on your behalf but also act as an arbitrator when it comes to getting a better deal on the new loan. Lastly, you must know that just debt consolidation won’t help you stay out of debt. It is important that you put a leash on your frivolous, spendthrift ways and put more money in your savings account, only then can you stay debt-free in the long run.

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