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Ten Unknown Facts About Marijuana!

By Cbdesigns @cherylboglioli
Ten Unknown Facts About Marijuana!

Number ten: Forty percent of the drug arrests in the USA are for marijuana violations. Around 800,000 people usually are arrested in the United States for marijuana violations and about ninety percent of these violations are simply for possession of marijuana. According to the FBI estimates show that a person is arrested every 42 seconds for marijuana violations in 2007 alone. The number of arrests for marijuana violations exceed 900,000!

Number nine: It's practically impossible to overdose on marijuana! Apparently, there's no overdose of marijuana according to researchers and it will take about a hundred consecutive joints of marijuana to kill a person noting that the actual cause of death would still be from carbon monoxide poisoning! On another account, it was found that it would take 1500 pounds to be consumed in less than 15 minutes to kill a human being.

Number eight: Marijuana is not even classified as a drug in North Korea. In the country of North Korea marijuana is considered to be a safe alternative to cigarettes and is not even classified as a drug. The sale or possession of marijuana is completely legal in North Korea and what is even more surprising is that marijuana is described by many doctors as a safer alternative medicine!

Number seven: Marijuana and beer hops are botanically cousins. That's right marijuana cannabis and beer hops both belong to the same plant family. People have actually experimented by grafting beer hops on cannabis plants in an attempt to make a hybrid brew.

Number six: Marijuana can now be purchased online and ship right to your door step. There are many providers who offer cannabis delivery via online platforms such as KushFLY. You can also purchase accessories which are needed to smoke marijuana such as bongs, glass pipes, bubblers and blunt wraps from an online retailer called Dank Head Shop.

Number five: Marijuana played a vital role in the 2010 chilian mining accident. During this accident, families of the trapped miners smuggled marijuana down the drilling pipes to the victims in order to get them through the turmoil and either ordeal. These miners would gather in small groups and get high off joints which helped them stay calm during this tragic situation.

Number four: In Bhutan, marijuana is so common that no one smokes it. Marijuana is seen as a pest by the people of Bhutan. It grows everywhere alongside roads closed and even within the forest of this country. Marijuana is found in such abundance that is more common to find a plant of marijuana then it is to find a patch of grass! People are so sick of it that no one likes to smoke marijuana. Most of the cannabis plants are used to feed the livestock.

Number three: The first-ever e-commerce website was a drug deal for marijuana. In the nineteen seventies, before there was amazon, students from Stanford University conducted an online sale where they apparently sold an unknown amount of marijuana online to their counterparts at MIT. Using their ARPANET accounts at the university's artificial intelligence laboratory they finalized the sale with students from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The first-ever e-commerce sale was nothing more than a drug deal!

Number two: President Richard Nixon once helped smuggle three pounds of marijuana into the United States. In 1958 president Richard Nixon unknowingly help the American musician Louis Armstrong to clear three pounds of marijuana from customs and smuggle them safely into the United States. President Nixon apparently spotted Louise Armstrong standing in line as to carry his bags which contained about three pounds of marijuana. Both Louise Armstrong and the three pounds of cannabis arrived in the US safely without anyone knowing about it.

Number one: Marijuana can help fight cancer. According to a recent study by a group of scientists it was found that a compound derived from marijuana can freeze cancer cells and halt them from spreading throughout the body which is actively helping curing the disease altogether. This research is waiting to start clinical trials on humans. After the much-awaited results, who knows, we might be able to cure the worst diseases with marijuana.

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