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Ten Second Update: Bangkok Shopping

By Cynthpop

Thailand. I’m so lucky to be here!

I’m in Thong Lor, one of the fancier districts of Bangkok, known for it’s shopping and spas. The past two days have been pretty decadent: lots of massages, ridiculously good food, and shopping.

I’m not a massive clothes horse so to be honest… the cheapo marketplace shopping didn’t rock my world. Yes, the stuff is cute and really cheap, but a lot of it seemed to be mass produced stuff you can buy at H&M or Zara. OR, you can do to the supermalls which house every massive luxury brand on the planet– again– stuff you can buy anywhere. I head to Phuket tonight so I think I’ll see what’s going on down there.

That said… Bangkok did have a few goodies:


Origano: May is a young indie Thai designer making quality, super cute clothes and shoes well worth the prices. Her shop is in Siam Square (just off Siam Station). I picked up these super cute flats: leather, comfortable, and unique without being wacko. There are a few locals designers doing some really cool stuff (more later!).


The underwear: Okay this is probably because I live in Tokyo and all of the lingerie is SO frilly and over the top cutsey it loses its functionality (to actually be worn under clothing… right?). Anyway, I went to the Emporium mall at the Prong Pham Station and found really nice, comfortable, pretty sets for super good prices, and aren’t covered in bows and hearts.


Boots: I know this one is because I’m in Tokyo. It was SO nice to walk into a drugstore where I could read everything, and buy the stuff I can’t find in Japan. White skin is the favored look there, so I was ever so happy to find loads of self tanner! (Review forthcoming– using it right now). And I’m also testing the Boots depuffing rollerball because humidity makes my eyes poof.


I also bought this aromatherapy spray by Thai wellness company, Sabai-arom called No.4 Peace. Lemongrass, kaffir lime… it’s crisp and light and makes your space smell like a spa. Perfect for chill time. And this travel candle by Harnn is a little jar of luxury.  Lemongrass and jasmine… perfect for meditating in Phuket, where I fly off to tonight for a four day yoga and wellness retreat.

Just a quick update for now… I’ll give the full rundown when I get back next week!


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