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Ten Foods That Contain Gruesome Poisons

By Gerard @presurfer
Ten Foods That Contain Gruesome Poisons
Yes, it's death by grocery list. Like potatoes. Potatoes contain small amounts of a kind of chemical called solanines in their stems, leaves, and eyes. These chemicals are a natural fungicide and pesticide that the potato uses as defense. As the spuds get older, they accumulate solanine, which turns them a green color.
Every potato contains about 8-13 milligrams, and about 200 milligrams can make people sick. Eating a lot of old potatoes, or making potato leaf tea, can make people to hallucinate, turn hypothermic, feel nausea, and to develop neurological problems. Amazingly, there are still occasional cases of death by potato. Find out the toxic elements in all your favorite foods.
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