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Ten Evil Things to Do to Trick-or-Treaters This Halloween

By Midlifemargaritas @mdlifemargarita
Halloween is my favorite holiday. Lots of fall colors and candy, mischief and mayhem, and lots of spooky tales to be told. I am usually the candy giver outer at my house so this year I thought why not have a little fun with the kiddos. Here are some ideas but I will delete this post and deny it ever existed if the police come knocking at my door!
1.   Give out fruit. 
*Once the word gets out that you are the ‘healthy snack’ house, your doorbell will stop ringing.
2.   Leave a bowl of candy on the porch with a note that says: “take only one or you will die” and as soon as a kid takes a handful, open the door and scream your head off.
*This is always fun to watch all the candy fly out of their trembling hands as you jump out and scream. Do this especially to teens that are too old to trick-or-treat and aren’t even wearing a costume.
3.   Have someone hiding in the bushes and jump out at the parents.
*Don’t do this one yourself. Have a buddy who is not so bright do this. Scare the wrong parent and somebody is going to get a black eye. J
4.   Hand out expired coupons.
*Just another form of recycling and will cut down on the amount of trick-or-treaters once the word gets out.
5.   Pretend to put candy in the bag and actually take some instead.
*This is a no brainer.  What child is going to accuse you of stealing their candy if you do it right. Go for the big candy bars!
6.   Give out toothbrushes.
*Again, lots of fun watching their poor pitiful faces when they realize it’s not candy.
7.   Warn children that your neighbor is a mean, mean man and they shouldn’t go to his house.
*Check in with your neighbor the next day to hear him tell how all the kids kept skipping his house and walking way out into the street to go around it. Try not to snicker.
8.   Tell children your other neighbor likes for kids to visit two or three times on Halloween.
*Can’t wait to hear this neighbor complain.
   9.   Give out rocks and ask if they have seen the great pumpkin yet.
*Lame, I know.
10.   Tell the kids you heard another child was throwing up from the candy they received a few house back but you can’t remember which house.
*Make sure to say this in earshot of parents. They won’t know what candy is from what house so these kids might not get to eat anything!
>>I would never actually do these things on Halloween. I love the kids and look forward to the giving of candy every year. But there is always one kid that ticks me off and the wheels start spinning..Ten Evil Things to Do to Trick-or-Treaters This Halloween*Picture Courtesy of  Digitalart @

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