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Temptation In The Air

By Alternativeeden @markngaz

There is temptation in the air here.....the temptation to garden.

But it's only January, but then again why not?

Temptation In The Air

'Twas a frosty night

Winter has been very mild so far and only last night did we have our third frosty night and our lowest temperature this winter so far, -2C. We're hoping that the frosty episode we had last night would be the worst of it this winter, and that winter will not really arrive and that it will be a smooth coast to spring proper. Unlikely but possible. I remember very early in 2011, after having had a vicious start to that winter (that nasty winter that killed many borderline plants that exoticists had been getting away with previously) come January and all the way to spring the temperatures remained mild with a barely a frost or two happening again.

Temptation In The Air

The koi are still active and eating

So its possible and we're optimistic! Not only will it be good for plants but it will save us money too by not using greenhouse heating that much.

Cross fingers anyway. It's barely mid January and there's still February and March to go through yet.

Temptation In The Air

Bright and sunny but not warm. Warm enough to be tempted to garden but not warm enough to just hang out here. Can't wait to scrub and paint this jungle hut though!

Temptation In The Air


With it being so mild so far (yet so stormy as the downside) the temptation to continue gardening is always there, especially on sunny periods. But best to resist and use January to finish off the remaining bits of decorating to do indoors. We were supposed to do this between Christmas and New Year but we slacked off instead and used the festive season as an excuse to do...nothing. Actually we did loads....of relaxing.

Temptation In The Air

'Twas a weekend of painting!

But if we don't finish off decorating it will just drag on until it can potentially encroach into proper spring period in which attention must really go into gardening. It's dragged on long enough as it is, if it goes on for much longer it will be entirely our fault as the disruption from builders is long gone.

Temptation In The Air

Tetrapanax papyrifer 'Rex'

Temptation is in the air but delayed gratification must reign supreme for now. It doesn't stop us wandering out and taking photos in between indoor tasks.

Temptation In The Air

Might muster the courage to feature all the changes that happened in the house in a future post but for now here's a little sneak peek.

Get it all done soon, get everything settled. So come spring, even as early as next month, woohoo! Hellooo garden!
Mark :-)

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