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"Temperatures up to 45 Celcius...

By Seabee
...but skies beginning to clear"
That was the weather report on radio this morning and I was relieved to hear the second part.
It's the very worst weather in my opinion, air you have to eat rather than breathe.
Photo. Karen Dias Gulf News
The heat I can take, in fact I'm only happy in hot sunny weather. Humidity I hate but in fact that hasn't been bad at all recently, quite comfortable really.
But the dust. I can't think of anything worse and it's been like it for the past couple of weeks.
In New Dubai we have more than just the sand, we have cement dust from the construction. It gets everywhere, inside the car inside the apartment, onto and into everything.
Including us.
A few years down the track I suspect that there'll be an epidemic of bad health caused by it among all of us who've lived here during the construction boom.

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