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See You in Oz?

By Seabee
Just about the final piece of the moving back jigsaw has fallen into place.
The shipper has e-mailed to confirm that our stuff will be delivered the day after we arrive. That couldn't be better timing, just one night camping and then we'll have the furniture and the rest of our belongings.
So after nearly six years this will be the last post on Life in Dubai.
The first post was January 20, 2006 and I've rabbited on in 1265 posts in total. I'm amazed, I had no idea when I started that it would go on and add up like that.
A sincere thanks for stopping by, for taking the time to read the posts and for the comments, I really appreciate it.
I'll leave this blog as it is because it's a report of daily life as one person saw it through a unique period of time in the development of Dubai.  I won't post here any more but I'll check back every so often to see if there are any new comments; I still get comments on posts from years back.
As in future I'll be in Australia that's where I'll move my blogging to, at Life in Oz.
If you'd like to keep in touch, as I would with you, just click on this link:  Life in Oz.

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