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Tell Me Again There Are No Guardian Angels.

By Eowyn @DrEowyn

Slightly disturbing Vid, but truly Miraculous. This is Amazing!!


At first it seems like there is no way the woman and child seen mown down in this video could possibly survive the incident.

In footage which played out on local Brazilian TV and has since been viewed thousands of times online, Vilma Nascimento and her five-year-old grandson Joao can be seen walking along the street hand-in-hand.

Up ahead of them a car tries to pull out of a side road at the same time as another vehicle comes speeding towards the camera – and as the two crash, the second is sent swerving out of control.

It crashes into a parked Chevrolet, making it plow strait into the woman and child as they try to run to the side.

Just before impact, the woman puts her body between the onrushing vehicle and her grandson. The pair are both knocked down, and two of the car’s wheels run over Joao’s head – yet he immediately jumps straight back up to go to her grandmother’s aid.

(Dude, That car went went over his head. Wow)

Incredibly, not only was the boy released from hospital that same day following routine tests, media in Brazil reported that Vilma was also discharged one day later after suffering minor wounds to her legs and feet.

One media outlets report on Tuesday’s incident, near Annapolis in central Brazil, has already been viewed tens of thousands of times. Many commented along similar lines to user Rylw22, who wrote: “It’s as if they were protected by the hand of God.”

Or at least their Guardian Angels.  

Looks like a Guardian Angel to me.

Looks like a Guardian Angel to me.


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