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Television Shows That Need To Die

Posted on the 31 January 2012 by Eric And Sookie Lovers @EricSookieLover

Television Shows That Need To DieTrue Blood is mentioned in a blogger’s article on “Television shows that need to die”. We’re sure some of you will agree with what this person said.

True Blood also appears to be struggling; the last season was a muddled mess of plotlines that left much to be desired for viewers. Although based on Charlaine Harris’ set of bestselling novels, it’s splitting off in other directions, which is to be expected, but unfortunately not all those directions are good ones. There’s a little bit too much going on right now, and the dynamic, interesting Sookie I know from the books has had the life sucked right out of her.

So to speak.

Alan Ball entered the field strong with this one, but couldn’t seem to hold it together over the long term, despite having the books as a guide; the end result is a growing amount of sex and gore and a shrinking amount of interest on my part.

We think this person has hit the nail on the head, but we wouldn’t go to this extreme…how else would we get our visual Eric and Sookie fix, if True Blood were cancelled? We love watching Alex and Anna perform. They have brought new life to our favorite characters. But this person did bring up many great points. We only hope that by posting this, Alan Ball might be able to read it!

Sookie is nothing like the strong character from the books. True Blood has made her become more like a ‘doormat’. Forgiving Bill? Book Sookie is made of smarter stuff than that. Too many characters? Too much going on? Yes, yes, yes! This is only what we’ve been saying here for a long time now.

Alan Ball seems to think that shocking the viewers and providing lots of gore is the only way to maintain viewership, instead of writing compelling storylines. Hate to break it to you, Alan Ball…this is not what we want to see.

This proves that ‘the books work’ for a reason. Less is more. Charlaine doesn’t have the amount of different characters and storylines in the books – mind you, they are from Sookie’s POV – so that’s to be expected. But having SO MANY casting calls, characters, and storylines, means less screen-time for the actual stars of the series (Eric and Sookie).

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What are your thoughts? Should True Blood be sent to its’ final death? Sound off below!

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