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Telegram Channel: Wisdom Buds for Friends of WTT

By Luphil

Like a flower needs time before sprouting, the idea was already “in the air” for some time but it got concrete during the last week: today, there is the launch of the new Telegram channel ‘Wisdom Buds for Friends of WTT‘.

Telegram Channel: Wisdom Buds for Friends of WTT

We chose this date, because today, on August 4th, we commemorate the birthday of Master CVV (1868-1922), who anchored the Aquarian energy on our planet. As per Indian counting, this year is his 155th birthday; as per Western counting we now celebrate his 154th birthday.
Many times, I blogged about him, and this time in the context of the launch of the Wisdom Buds channel, because it is inspired by the energy of synthesis which Master CVV brought in. Preparing the launch together with two friends and with an Aquarian spirit of cooperation has been an inspiring experience.

The purpose of Wisdom Buds is to create a platform for sharing ideas and thoughts inspired by the wisdom teachings of the World Teacher Trust with friends of WTT. It is not a chat – only admins can post. And the team takes charge that the spirit of Wisdom Buds is kept alive.

There is an English and a German branch of the Wisdom Buds channel so far:

Would like to know more? Join the team of admins/contributors? – here it goes.

Wisdom Buds is part of the Friends of WTT network. It’s symbol is the conch:

Telegram Channel: Wisdom Buds for Friends of WTT

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