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Teething Bling Sugar Cube Necklace {Review}

By Thepracticalmommy2 @PracticalMommy2

Teething Bling

teething jewelry

Teething Bling Sugar Cube Necklace {Review}

Babies love to chew on anything and everything they can get their hands on, and I mean everything! Ever try to wear a nice necklace, only to have your baby try to eat it or break it on you (I'm looking at you, child #1 of mine...)? Or, have you lost a few strands of hair or your favorite pair of sunglasses when baby is looking for something to grab?

The creators of Teething Bling over at Smart Mom Jewelry came up with an awesome and stylish solution: chewable and safe teething jewelry for adults to wear but for babies to enjoy!

Thanks to Teething Bling, I was sent a Sugar Cube necklace, one of the newest additions to the Teething Bling collections, to review. I chose the color jade since most of my outfits include some blues and greens in them. 

Teething Bling Sugar Cube Necklace {Review}


 I must say, I was really excited about this review. My little guy has been very grabby lately, tightening his little grasp on anything I have on. Plus, with all his new pearly whites, he likes to chew on everything! I can't wear any necklaces in fear that he'd break them or try to eat them. 
Teething Bling Sugar Cube Necklace {Review}

What I like about Teething Bling:
  • 100% non-toxic
  • BPA-free
  • PVC-free
  • Easy to clean
  • Fun colors
  • Stylish designs
  • Break away cord in case baby pulls too hard

teething bling necklace

Teething Bling Sugar Cube Necklace in jade

I've worn this necklace around the house, when I'm out shopping, at church...pretty much wherever my little guy is going to be with me. He loves playing with the necklace and chewing on it. 

Teething Bling Sugar Cube Necklace {Review}

He wouldn't stay still, hence the blurry and not-so-flattering picture.. 

I love that he can keep himself occupied as I'm trying to eat or get things done when he's in my arms or on my lap. It's also great for him to have something to play with that isn't going to fall to the floor when he lets go!
Teething Bling Sugar Cube Necklace {Review}

There's another great reason to love Teething Bling: it's safe for toddlers or preschoolers to wear. If you have a toddler or preschooler at home, you know that they love to still put things in their mouth. I can let my daughter wear this necklace and not be afraid of what she's chewing on, plus it's really cute on her! 

Teething Bling comes in a variety of styles: sugar cube necklaces, pendant necklaces, gemstones necklaces, and bracelets. There's even a line of necklaces for tweens and a line for men called Babe Magnet Ties! 

Teething Bling Sugar Cube Necklace {Review}

Tell me: What would you like to have from Teething Bling? Leave a comment below!

Visit to see all of the styles and visit their Facebook page for deals, sales, product announcements, giveaways, and lots of other fun! 

I received this product in order to write this review. The words are mine and my opinion, which may differ from yours. 

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Teething Bling Sugar Cube Necklace {Review}

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Teething Bling Sugar Cube Necklace {Review}
Teething Bling Sugar Cube Necklace {Review}
Teething Bling Sugar Cube Necklace {Review}

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