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Teepee-Style Tents

By Primal Primos @PrimalPrimos

If you are looking for an interesting twist on the average white tent for an upcoming outdoor event, a UK company called PapaKåta constructs teepee-style tents that will add a unique flair to the occasion. Standing at almost 23-feet high, these one of a kind structures are made of thick canvas and are supported by wooden poles made from 100-year-old trees grown in a Swedish forest. One teepee is big enough for up to 64 guests, but with nine or more joined together they can accommodate 400+ people at once. Dance Floors, Tables and Seating are included in the rental price but the company also offers decorative accessories such as fairy lights, smokeless log fire pits, reindeer skins, Moroccan lamps, and more for an additional cost. Even though they are based in the UK, they will ship their teepees overseas.

teepee1 Teepee Style Tents

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