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Technology Overload

By Midlifemargaritas @mdlifemargarita
Buying a new cell phone these days is like buying a car! I spent over an hour yesterday purchasing my new Sprint LG Optimus Android phone. I love shiny new things like anyone else but all the bells and whistles were a little overwhelming. Even after I thought I had all the information I needed, the apps downloaded and the contacts from my old phone transferred to my new phone, I still managed to screw it up. I totally deleted my contact list as soon as I got home. Fortunately the phone store guy saved my contacts to a chip. So I was able to get it downloaded again after 132 tries. I have apps like Double Twist, Soundhoud, Pandora, Tweetster and a friend introduced me to an app called Advanced Task Killer. ATK turns off the apps all at once so your battery doesn't wear down. How cool is that? So after many hours of texting and playing with my apps and tweeting from my phone, the phone rings! I missed the call because apparently I didn't listen to the phone store guy when he explained to me how to answer the phone. Sigh. Live and learn...Technology Overload

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