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Technology and Me // Dell XPS 13

By Gentrilee
Technology and Me // Dell XPS 13
^As I usually blog from my bed, in my sweats, I figured this setting was fitting.
My parents have never cared too much for technology. While they appreciate it, and probably watch too much television, it's never really been "their thing". So when I was growing up, I'm pretty sure we were the last family on the block to actually have a computer. I used to have to use the library's computers or intrude upon my neighbors for my school work. When we finally did get a computer, it stayed with us, for years.... and years, and years, and years. One day (not that long ago), I finally just saved all of our important files on hard drives and pulled the computer apart. It was old, it was slow (painfully so), and it was outdated.
For someone who has been so used to living without the fancy technology, I find myself humbled to be surrounded by it, now. My old laptop died over the Summer and I had to replace it. I went for the MacBook Air, which I love! Then, I was offered a chance to try the Dell XPS 13, which has been compared to the MacBook Air, and I couldn't say no! For such a technological rookie, this has been quite the experiment!
The Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook is the smallest 13-inch on the planet, fitting a stunning 13.3 inch display on an 11 inch size laptop. I love how the screen reaches nearly to the edge of the laptop itself, it really helps to show off photos while I'm blogging and editing. It has the worlds first infinity display (on a laptop) and weighs a tiny 2.6 pounds. It has a high performance, it's the Dell XPS 13 Laptop with 5th Generation Intel Core Processor, industry leading battery life (with up to 15 hours + 7 with the Dell Power Companion), Quad HD Display that has 5.7 million pixels (which is over 4.4 more than the MacBook Air 13 with HD), easy inputs, and it consists of premium materials with maximum durability!
It really is such a beautiful laptop and I've enjoyed playing around with it! I will be honest, I haven't had the easiest time switching from Mac to Windows (even though I've always had Windows until my MacBook). I keep struggling when the laptop updates, as it takes me to a black screen and I can't figure out how to get back to the main screen (serious rookie over here). However, Dell is so helpful and will be meeting with me today to do some trouble shooting.
Technology and Me // Dell XPS 13Technology and Me // Dell XPS 13Technology and Me // Dell XPS 13Technology and Me // Dell XPS 13
Have you tried the new Dell XPS 13? It is perfect for those Individuals who travel a lot regardless of their profession and are looking for the best technology and a stylish design with the utmost mobility. Or for those who prioritize mobility but aren’t willing to give up the productivity of an attached keyboard (it also has a built in touch screen keyboard!) or larger screen.
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