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Posted on the 06 June 2013 by Adask

Mind Over Matter (courtesy Google Images)

Mind Over Matter (courtesy Google Images)

When was the last time you saw a new technology that was developed simply to help the people?  When was the last time you saw a new technology that was primarily intended to help the people rather than generate fat profits for corporations or more power for government?  How many new technologies that might truly enrich the public have been suppressed in order to maintain profit levels for major corporation and power levels for the government?

Here’s a video of group of university scientists who developed a system whereby a “pilot” can fly a quad-copter with only his thoughts.

For most of my life, I would’ve said “Oooo, cool!” and wondered how long it would be before I could buy or build one of those systems for myself.  But after catching my first glimpse of this new technology, I was surprised to find my first reaction to be wondering how government will exploit this technology to push us deeper into the growing police state.

Apparently, my personal predisposition to pessimism and/or distrust of government has grown so great that whenever I see something “new,” I’m less inclined to be enthusiastic than to be wary.

I.e., I see something new, and I ask myself how will government and/or major, multi-national corporations use this to screw us around?  After the perversions of HAARP, geo-engineering, GMO foods, fluoride, vaccinations, red-light cameras, spying on millions of Verizon customers, and an endless stream of conspiracy theories, it appears that our modern, fascist state has made me a little techno-phobic.  Or maybe I’m just getting old.

I’d still like to say “Ooo, cool!” whenever I see a new technology.  But, here in the police state, I find myself saying “Aww, crap.”

I’m surprised by my pessimism.  I’m curious to know if that attitude is fairly unique to me or if it’s also shared by others.  How many of you still enjoy a child-like state of wonder each time you see new technology?  Do any of you–like me–tend to view new technologies as just another, more efficient way to hustle us out of our wealth or even deprive us of our liberties?

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