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Technicolor Running Sneaks

By Alustforallseasons @bgstrzelczyk
Technicolor running sneaks
Technicolor running sneaks
These psychedelic New Balance 890s are my new running sneaker -- aren't they phenomenal?! I've been in a training rut this week -- dreading each run to the point of tears -- but I think these bright, glittery (yes there's glitter under the turquoise) beauties are exactly what the doctor ordered. I already took them for a spin this morning and I can't wait to further break them in this weekend! (Side note: I ordered them from late Tuesday afternoon and got them Thursday -- with free shipping. Highly recommend the site.)
Happy Friday!
P.S. - Last night's Sip and Swap was fantastic -- so fun and I can't wait to share all my finds! Thank you to The Swapaholics for hosting so a wonderful event!

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By adidas predator
posted on 01 March at 07:01
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my usual jealousy, but a more disturbing emotion: shame. Everywhere in the upper-echelon seats were sneaker-clad venture capitalists and baseball-capped dot-com entrepreneurs. In their eyes, I read a self-righteous look of disdain--the same look non-smokers have when someone lights up. The look said, "Not only are you sub-human, you have chosen to put yourself in that category." These days, cheap seats--and the lack of wealth they signify--have become a moral barometer.In this time of unprecedented affluence, it seems it's never been easier to have quite a lot of money. In such an economy, there's no excuse for being anything but rich. The have-nots cope not only with having nothing; they face the fact that despite this abundance of wealth, they still have nothing. It's like we're living with modern plumbing in our houses and still going around unclean. The lower and working classes are still there,