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By Lookingoodfeelingfab @lookingoodfeel
Each one of us, has, at some point heard about the joy's of running a business online - work in your pajamas, work out of your favorite cafe, work at your own time...and on and on..
But the sorrows and frustrations of working online are endless too, often leaving me devastated and overwhelmed.
Lately my computer and my camera have not been on talking terms, they got along just fine till a day ago but suddenly things have turned a little sour. I seem to be the referee trying to resolve the matter between two very stubborn parties and all I get in return is antagonism from both sides.
When faced with any technology related issue I follow a very carefully engineered Standard Operating Procedure.
Step 1 : Restart the device.
If step 1 fails to resolve issue
Step 2 : Shake the device vigorously, a light tap or a hard kick whatever works first.
If step 2 fails to resolve issue
Step 3 : Head to Mr. Know it all - google and Mrs Know it all - youtube.
If step 3 fails
Step 4 : Deep breathing, meditation and yoga asanas.
Start again from step 1
Repeat cycle 5 times before giving up and requesting troubleshooting services from the neighborhood teen geek who resolves it in a second.
Proceed to feel like a complete idiot.
Happens all the time..
How many bloggers and internet entrepreneurs agree?? Am I the only one?? seriously??
Anyway, so now on to my leisure time online, I got this maxi dress from was love at first sight and the moment I lay eyes on it, i knew we were meant to be.
Myntra has such a huge selection of products that I can remain lost in this space for hours together and their service is unbeatable too, my dress arrived neatly packaged within just a day and a half.
I styled the dress two ways..
1. The Layered Look
leggings, maxi dress and floral jacket. The dress is pretty long for me, so I added a belt and pulled the excess length over the belt.
2. The Casual Look
Honestly, not really my style..I tried to do something out of my comfort zone and I guess the discomfort shows..hehe

Dress : c/o (here)Leggings : OldFloral jacket : thrifted oldSneakers : BataHairband : Giftwant to look good and feel fab always?? Join us

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