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By Sue15cat

Teamwork   Lovely Hubby is cracking on bit by bit with the polytunnel.  Last weekend he got all this done, it might not look much but all the soil was dug carefully out to precise measurements and then sieved and taken up the hill to the top raised bed which is now almost full.
Teamwork   A couple more barrow loads and this will be ready for action.   Teamwork   The trench with the polytunnel anchor plates or 'feet' will be filled in with cement to really hold everything down in the wind.  We are organising a mini mixer to deliver it and have it all done in one fell swoop just as soon as he has done the other side.
Teamwork   It's heavy, slow but very satisfying work.  Sometimes I feel a bit useless while all this is going on as there's not a huge amount I can do to help, we work completely differently and he is very precise so it's best I leave him to it.  It helps to know your own strengths and weaknesses when you work as a team.   To me this is a labor of love, and once it's up and I'm working in there I won't simply be surrounded by polythene and plants .... I'll be surrounded by a space that my Lovely Hubby poured his heart and soul into just for me ... then he'll get to eat the food that I grew with love just for him.
Teamwork.   Sue xx

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