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TeamDrive For Team/organization Review 2020

Posted on the 16 January 2020 by Ssghtc001

In this digital world, everyone is storing their data in the digital format. There is a very big issue with storing the data digitally, which is security. The security of data is very important in today’s world. Everyone is trying to store or share their data with proper security. In the digital world, there is always a threat of data leak, data loss, data theft, and many other threats. Every people wants to get a secure way to store the data and share the data in a secure way or we can say that to store the data with a trustworthy wizard.

There are many cloud-storage means in the market which allows you to save your personal data on cloud so you can access it from anywhere.

But TeamDrive allows you to store your data on the cloud, but as the name suggests TeamDrives allows a team to save their data on a single cloud location.

TeamDrive For Team/organization Review 2020

  • Now a question will arrive here “Why TeamDrive?” as there are many other cloud storage facilities..!

So there is a simple answer is there are many features of TeamDrive which will attract your attention towards it.
In simple words, TeamDrive is all about scalability, simplicity, and security which shows all the core values of good cloud storage.

So let’s talk about some of its tremendous features.

  • A good layout and arranged structure

In TeamDrive there is a very navigable and user-friendly interface and the user can easily arrange their files or folders in a structured way.

  • End to End encryption of the saved data which means a secure platform to save and share your precious data.
  • Applications for different Operating Systems like Windows, Mac, Linus, iOS, Android.
  • TeamDrive provides the files as a URL via an HTTPS-link with the freedom to set the expiration date of the password.
  • There is automatic data retention management which means it will archive your old files and delete data based on age automatically(helpful in large data files organization).

TeamDrive For Team/organization Review 2020

  • For an enterprise, TeamDrive is a very helpful and efficient way of handling the data on the cloud.

If we talk about its advantages for and organization there are many features for them like:-

  • Manage the ownership of the file.

Limit any file to one particular user or an employee to ensure that the file is only accessible by that employee. Then, What if the employee leaves the organization…?
In this case, TeamDrive allows you to edit the ownership of the file easily and you can easily track the access of the file, as well as in the absence of the file creator.

  • Authentication & Authorization.

TeamDrives allow you to authenticate or limit the authority of the data in the team members of the organization, which is saved in the drive.

Authentication means to identify the user(who is accessing the data) with a unique ID Password.

Authorization means to confine the permission of the user(who is accessing the data) to access the file (which means to Read, Edit, Remove the file).

  • Limiting the permissions of new hires.

In an organization, there is a big problem to limit the data access to the new hires in their training period. Using TeamDrive you can easily create a group of new hires and trainees and can limit their data roles and permissions. After the end of the training period they can easily be transferred to the employee’s group for the full access of data.

  • Data Monitoring and Data Tracking.

TeamDrive allows you to easily track the access of the file in the team. As you can receive your files directly in your personal inbox, provided as a URL-HTTPS upload site. There is a plugin of MS Outlook to replace the email attachment by a secure URL.

  • A Security trust of more than 10yrs.

TeamDrive is manufactured by the German Company without any investment of non-Europian investors.

According to it the development of TeamDrive is strictly subject to EU (Europian Union) Law. As there is no risk through the non-Europian law. Which is included with Privacy Shield or the CloudAct.

Since it has a business age of more than 10 years so any organization can blindly trust its developers as they deliver the best product support to its users.

So these are some basic features of TeamDrive a perfect cloud storage platform for an organization.

TeamDrive acts as a common drive for a team or an organization. This allows the users to easily search, store any file(anywhere through any device), access the file(through any device) and many more. The user can easily administrate the drive for setting up the permissions and the rules. So TeamDrive is a simple and handy collaborative tool for organizations of all sizes.
That’s all from the story. If any query persists, do notify us in the comment section. Stay connected to read more.

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