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Posted on the 22 August 2011 by Mregina @justfundraising

TeacherWishlist fundraising

Teacherwishlist was created by It’s the electronic equivalent to that slip of paper teachers always sent home with next years school supplies listed.  A recent survery conducted by bounty who sponsors the site, showed that 71% of  teachers spend close to $500 in order to outfit their class. The site intends to lighten the load these teachers by providing a little extra funding. 

 In order to participate, your teacher can have their class supplies listed, parents can look them up on the front page. For a limited time there are also some great giveaways with the Teacher Wish List. Each week, Teacherwishlist and their partner  Bounty are giving 10 teachers $462 (the average the teachers spend) and participating schools will also be entered to win a $25,000 creative classroom makeover.

That’s a great step forward but lets face it these teachers, schools and students are going to need more help. If you want to put on a school fundraiser event to further help contact us.  

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