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Tea Time

By Ofanselm @ofanselm


This week has been one doozy after another. Paschelle has taken to throwing her entire body face down on the ground, stomping and screaming, whenever she's told she can't have something she wants (lately, it begins early morning when I refuse to give her my coffee cup). Israel's hobby lately is dumping his cups on the floor and playing in the puddles. And to top it off, I've been experiencing some serious and unexplained sleepiness and low energy lately. I'm looking forward to my midwife letting me know my blood test results when she gets them, so I know what I can do about it. When you've got two toddlers and a big house to take care of, you just can't sleep all day.
I was grateful to spend one naptime yesterday enjoying a new tea, writing a thank-you card to a beautiful friend in Russia, writing a congratulation-on-your-baby card to a beautiful friend in Texas, and deciding which of my special new cards from Rifle Paper I want to send to a beautiful friend in New Zealand. I love having so many beautiful friends all over the world to send cards to! 
Then in the evening, we discovered our new favorite chinese buffet, rivaling our old Frederick favorite, Chef Lin (this is a big deal). And before bed, my husband decided to browse online for a bike to get me for my birthday. I was peeking over his shoulder the whole time, gently reminding him that if it's not a pretty bike, I probably won't ride it much. So despite a few bumps earlier on, it ended up being a pretty great day.
I've enjoyed looking over and thinking about how I'll answer all your questions in response to my last post! If you have any questions for me, be sure to submit them soon. I think I'll answer them all on Friday.Tea Time

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