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TB Rants & Raves While Burning Down The House

Posted on the 01 September 2011 by Eric And Sookie Lovers @EricSookieLover

TB Rants & Raves While Burning Down The House

One of our favorite bloggers has posted her review of True Blood Episode 10, “Burning Down The House”! Judging by the title of this post, you probably already know who it is!

She actually warned me that the rest of the seasons’ reviews might sound more like rants, but we’re sure you’ll enjoying reading them anyways! It’s like she reads my mind – she just says it more eloquently than I ever could!

Before you read her review, we just wanted to share with you, some of our favorite quotes from her review!

Boy. They are hellbent on this love triangle, aren’t they?

First of all, there was some really good Eric and Sookie stuff in this episode. If this were the beginning of the season, I would likely focus on that.

But it’s not the beginning of the season and I’m getting tired of this shit. Rant on.

First, despite having no training WHATSOEVER (and with her fairy godmother seemingly dead) Sookie is able to summon her Glowing Hands of PlotFail Power. Sookie is getting good because Ye Olde Glowing Hands Plot Device served to expedite not one but TWO plot points on this go around.

TB Rants & Raves While Burning Down The House

First, the glow hands saved Bill. Booooooo!!!!!!

Second, the glow hands broke the witch’s spell on Eric. Yes, the Viking has his FULL memories back as evidenced by a delightful montage of images that could be titled “True Blood’s Best Moments.” Though his memories are back, the old Viking’s swagger isn’t on display much because he is getting his heart broken.

TB Rants & Raves While Burning Down The HouseTB Rants & Raves While Burning Down The House


When Eric and Sookie are back at Casa de Crate and Barrel (otherwise known as Bill’s house), Sookie tells Eric that she loves him but she has realized she loves Bill too. She realized it when Eric, under control of a witch, was about to kill Bill. She tells Eric she couldn’t imagine a world in which Bill isn’t in it. To which I say, “Try to imagine a little harder, Sookie.”


She goes on to say…

Sookie then tells Eric that she believes it was seeing him about to kill Bill that enabled her to use her powers. While I applaud the writers for attempting to explain this ridiculous power that comes and goes seemingly on a whim (or when the plot calls for it), I HATE that the reason Eric’s curse was broken was an inadvertent consequence of Sookie saving Bill.

For the record, I am NOT upset that Eric and Sookie will not be together for now. I was fully expecting them to not be together at this point in the season. However, the reason I wanted them to not be together is for Sookie to take some time for herself to sort things out.

I am also NOT upset that Sookie is still in love with Bill. Even though betrayals run deep, love is not a switch that you can just turn on and off no matter how bad you were hurt. So while I am not upset that Sookie is still in love with Bill, I AM upset that he is still considered a romantic possibility.

As I said, it’s like she can read my mind…

If you would like to read her entire review, click here!

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