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Taurus: The Magic Flute of Krishna

By Luphil

Today the Sun and Mars enter into Taurus, so there is a change of the quality of time. December 12, while reading Spiritual Astrology, the chapter on Taurus, I was attracted by the lines:

“Beauty is the divine aspect of form. This aspect is governed by the sign Taurus in persons who live for art and who try to discover the sacred mission of art in tnis universe. Here lies the hidden significance of locating the ascendant of Lord Krishna in Taurus. Blue is the color of this sign just as red is the color of Aries. This truth is concealed in the fact that the color of the incarnation of the lord as Krishna is blue.”

The impulse for the picture of this month was there but it didn’t show up clearly. There was the inner feeling saying,  just go ahead, and I had a vague idea of a cupola of stars, but nothing more.

So I started searching images with stars and constellations and cosmological motives, but I was not “hit” by a motive. Then I slowly started seeing the picture evolve: I took a photo of a Krishna statue here in my room, chose for the background an image of an extract of the Isenheim Altarpiece, by Matthias Grünewald, which I had in my room during my student years: the Light of creation emerging from God the Father, and angels dancing in the downpour. I extracted the Krishna statue from the photo and put it in front of the emerging light. I put as another background an extract from the stage set for The Magic Flute of Mozart by Karl Friedrich Schinkel, together with the dome of stars and integrated a part of an image of a peacock, Krishna’s bird. Then I started working on the colours.

Back in the computer, I realised that the central figure, Krishna with his magic flute, was too stale. During the next meditation, the idea came to add another layer of the statue in front of the one already in the picture and to choose a low transparency. I added a lot of dark blue and so the image emerged in violet. Wow, I thought, that is the right color for Krishna with a “magic flute”. After some finishing work, adjusting colours to add brilliancy, the picture was ready. Here is the print version.

I love very much the book Music of the Soul by Master EK (Ekkirala Krishnamacharya), where he describes what is visualised in the painting. There he writes:
“When Krishna played his flute, he expanded into the vicinity in the form of his music: One consciousness thrilled through all the living beings. It started from the flute of Krishna and reached the ocean through the pool of consciousness of the humanity. Krishna began to come out of his body in the form of his exhalation as music. He began to expand into the pervasion of his presence. After a few minutes, music seemed to flow through the flute by itself and come out of the seven holes of the flute until it touched the heart of the humanity and soaked it in bliss. All seemed to be a wave of soul consciousness. No one existed except the one soul in all. The minds of all melted away and it was an ocean of existence.”

Taurus: The Magic Flute of Krishna


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