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Taurus Full Moon – The Vaisakh Festival

By Luphil

The Vaisakh Festival (also written Wesak) is an important annual event for receiving the cosmic energies of Will coming from the “Eye of the Bull” and giving us a fresh dose of Will energy to carry out the work of good will. The festival is celebrated at Taurus Full Moon. The full moon phase is from 13 May, 10:45pm – 14 May 09:16pm CEST.

You can read more about the significance of the festival on the WTT website. In the book “Mars – The Kumara” by Dr K. Parvathi Kumar there is also a chapter about the deeper meaning of the Vaisakh Full Moon. Here is an extract as a PDF.

The Lucis Trust has just released a new beautiful video about the Wesak Festival 2014.


Taurus – The Vaisakh Festival, (Images of Synthesis 2010)

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